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March 5, 2015

Great Gifts for Baby's First Easter

Head to Instagram for a chance to win the ultimate Easter basket: Pottery Barn Easter basket with personalized liner, $100 Amazon gift card to fill the basket, Pediped gift card for Easter shoes, a Le Top Easter outfit & more! Look for the "Bunny Hop" image to enter. 

When you're filling an Easter basket for a baby, you can't go with the typical basket go-tos: jellybeans and Cadbury Eggs (unless you secretly want to have a whole basket of candy for yourself). When filling a basket for a baby, my favorite items are teething toys and books. Here is a list of some fun ideas for making an Easter basket for Baby's 1st Easter: 
1. Kissy Kissy Easter Attire 
Kissy Kissy has the softest Easter layette collection. There are adorable styles for baby boys and girls. We buy ours on or at Bloomingdales. 

2. Woogle Rattle 

3. Bunny Blankie 

4. Re-Play Teething Keys 

5. Dandelion Organic Toy Duck

6. Aden + Anais Wooden Teething Toy
This toy is a current favorite in our house. The wooden teether has a soft Aden + Anais blankie attached! 

7. Jellycat Bashful Bunny Booties 

8. Chewbeads Teether 

9. Pottery Barn Kids Knit Bunny & Lamb Rattles 

10. Book: Duck & Goose Here Comes the Easter Bunny

11. Pottery Barn Kids Personalized Easter Basket or Bucket 

12. PAIGELAUREN Baby Clothes
PAIGELAUREN is a super soft line of simple, classic baby clothes. Their spring colors are perfect for Easter baskets. Tommy looks ready for spring in his dali green cardigan and pants! 

For a list of over 100 Easter basket ideas for kids, be sure to visit this post


A Giant List of Easter Crafts & Activities for Kids

We love the Easter season in our house!  It's time to count down towards Easter with lots of fun crafts and activities for kids.  We've got a list of 40 crafts and activities for kids.  This should keep the kids busy all month long as we approach the big Easter day!  The first twelve are brand new to the blog this year and the rest are links to some of our past Easter favorites.  Some of these are directed for very young children, while others are geared for older ages.  Many can be adapted for children of all ages!  Happy Easter Crafting!

Easter Crafts & Activities for Kids || The Chirping Moms
1.  Paper Plate Chick Craft:  Paint plate yellow.  Let dry.  Add wiggle eyes & foam orange triangle for nose.  Glue onto a big piece of white paper.  Cut out yellow triangles from construction paper for wings.  Glue onto the paper.  Glue on Easter grass.  

Paper Plate Chick Craft || The Chirping Moms

 2.  Painted Egg Easter Basket:  Cut out basket shape from brown construction paper. Glue onto another piece of construction paper.  Use a circle foam stamper (or dot paints) & dip in different colored paints to make Easter eggs.  Decorate basket.

Painted Egg Easter Basket || The Chirping Moms

 3.  Chocolate Pudding Painted Bunny:  On a big piece of paper, have child (or children) fingerprint with brown chocolate pudding.  Let dry overnight.  Cut out a bunny shape & add a ribbon!  (My kids loved the painting & eating involved in this activity!)

Chocolate Pudding Painted Bunny || The Chirping Moms

 4.  Tissue Paper Collage Egg:  Cut out an egg shape from construction paper.  Have child cut or tear pieces of construction paper.  Crinkle into a ball and glue onto egg. (easy Easter craft for young children!)

Tissue Paper Collage Egg || The Chirping Moms

5.  Easter Bunny Cupcakes:  Make cupcakes.  Decorate with white frosting.  Use chocolate chips & mini M & M for eyes and nose.  For ears, put marshmallows on a toothpick and put into the cupcake.

Bunny Cupcakes || The Chirping Moms

 6.  Paper Plate Easter Bunny Mask:  Cut out a bunny face from paper plate.  On another paper plate, paint the inner circle pink.  Let dry.  Cut that plate in half and glue pom pons around the eyes.  Glue or staple the ears onto the mask.  Add a pink pom pom for the nose and a popsicle stick to hold the mask up!

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Mask || The Chirping Moms

7.  Fingerprint Easter Egg:  Cut out an egg shape from paper.  Dip fingers into different colored paints to decorate egg.

Fingerprint Easter Egg Craft || The Chirping Moms

8.  Egg Carton Cross Craft:  Cut apart an egg carton into individual pieces.  Paint the egg carton.  Glue onto a paper into a cross shape.

Egg Carton Cross Craft || The Chirping Moms

9.  Watercolor Resist Easter Eggs:  On a piece of white paper, draw lines & squiggles all over with a white crayon.  Paint over the paper with watercolors.  Let dry & cut out na egg shape.
 Watercolor Resist Easter Eggs || The Chirping Moms

 10.  Popsicle Cross Craft:  Glue popsicle sticks together to make cross.  Stick into Play-Doh & drape a burlap ribbon over cross.

Popsicle Stick Easter Cross || The Chirping Moms

 11.  Paper Plate Sticker Wreath:  Cut out a wreath shape from a paper plate.  Decorate with Easter stickers.  Glue on a pipe cleaner ribbon & hang.  (easy Easter craft for young children!)
Paper Plate Sticker Wreath || The Chirping Moms

12.  Handprint Chicks: (This is a fun one for siblings!).  Have each child make a handprint with different colored paint.  Let dry.  Draw on eyes & beak.  Glue on Easter grass.

Handprint Chick || The Chirping Moms

13.  Footprint Chick
14.  Canvas Easter Chicks
15.  Peep Chair Backer
16.  Easter Bunny Counting Activity
17.  Marshmallow Easter Bunny
18.  Jelly Bean Painted Eggs
19.  Button Egg
20.  Surprise Eggs
21.  Woven Easter Placemat
22.  Blown Paint Egg
23.  Thumb Bunny Loves You
24.  Egg Decorating with Temporary Tattoos
25.  Handprint Bunny
26.  Peep Smores
27.  Reflection Easter Eggs
28.  Handprint Chick
29.  Easter Cross & Flower
30.  Hands in Prayer
31.  Marshmallow Easter Painting
32.  Easy to Make Easter Cross
33.  Fancy Eggs
34.  Easter Bunny Frame
35.  Wooden Spoon Chicks
36.  DIY Bunny Disguise
37.  Easter Egg Lacing
38.  Make Your Own Easter Centerpiece
39.  Footprint Rabbit
40.  Popcorn Lambs
Easter Crafts & Activities for Kids || The Chirping MomsEaster Crafts & Activities for Kids || The Chirping Moms

And, last we have to share our favorite Easter children books with you  Below are some of our favorite finds for the Easter season:
Easter Books for Kids || The Chirping Moms
Our picks for 20 of our favorite Easter books:

Disclosure:  This post does include affiliate links.

March 4, 2015

Over 100 Ideas for Filling An Easter Basket

Easter Week continues with some fun ideas for filling your children's Easter baskets. This year, we've come up with over 100 items you could use for Easter treats. We've separated them by price and have ideas that are free, $1, about $5, $10 and $15. Happy basket filling to our fellow bunnies! 

Here are a few Easter basket filler  ideas using things to may have around the house:
DIY Coupons for Fun Things to Do Together
"Bunny Tails" (cotton balls)
Poem from the Easter Bunny
Printable Mazes or Coloring Pages
Homemade Play-Doh

Itty Bitty Bows
Easter Bracelet 
Fruit Pouches
Bubble Bath
$1 Books 
Crazy Straws
Matchbox Cars 
Coloring Book
Easter Rubber Ducks
Eco Yoyo
Seeds to plant 
Temporary Tattoos
Mini Cereal Boxes

Easter Clippies 
Melissa & Doug Simply Crafty: Superhero Masks
Melissa & Doug Simply Crafty: Tiaras or Wands 
Sidewalk Chalk
Go Fish Card Game
Journal or Notebook
Play Jewelry
Water WOW Coloring Books
Take Along Water Color Set
Little Toys (Little People, Superheroes, Animals, & More)
Snack and Sippy Cups
Baseball or Soccer Ball
Glow in the Dark Stars
Foam Sticker Sets
Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks 
$5 Books 
Finger Puppet Family 
Tub of Beads 
Mad Libs 
Pool Toys
Jump Rope 
Night Light 
Outdoor Play Ball
Kid Silverware
Glow in the Dark Stars
Got Milk? Magic Straws
Annie's Cheddar Bunnies

A Child's First Bible or The Jesus Storybook Bible
Stamps: Melissa & Doug Stamp Set 
Sand Toys: Hape Sand Toy Set 
No-Spill Bubbles
Egg Shakers
Kid Garden Tool Set
Kid Music CD's
Bath Fizzy Color Tabs
Play Purse or Wallet
Watering Can
Scented Markers
$10 Books 
Travel Doodler
Uno Card Game 
Play-Doh Eggs 
Twirling Ribbon
Sandals or Slippers
Create Your Own Bitty Books 
Magnetic Dress Up
Cat in the Hat Card Game
Bath Toys
Sun Hat or Baseball Hat
Counting Bears
Stamp Set

Water Bottle
Magazine Subscription
Zoo Animals Dominos
Solar System Puzzle 
Rain Boots
Funny Bunny Game 
Stuffed Animals
Small Watering Can
Musician & Artist Paper Dolls 
Dot Paints
Beach Towel
Lego Sets 
Insect Lore Ladybug Land 
Butterfly Garden
Gift Card for a Special Outing
Color Wonder Markers & Paper
$15 Books
Science Kit
Baby Doll
Doll Accessories
Board & Card Games
Kinetic Sand
Easter Books for Kids || The Chirping Moms
Our picks for 20 of our favorite Easter books:

Disclosure:  This post does include affiliate links.
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