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November 29, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping for Babies & Toddlers

Whether you have a baby/toddler of your own or have one in your family to shop for, this list is the complete guide to getting the best gifts. From toys to shoes, we've got your littlest ones covered. Here's your guide to shopping for babies and toddlers:
Top Toys 

Micro Kickboard Mini2Go Scooter
If there's one gift I always recommend for kids, it's a Micro Kickboard scooter. I was thrilled to see the new Mini2Go Scooter because it's geared towards18 mo+. There's a seat for toddlers to sit on and then it daily converts to a stand up scooter. This is truly an awesome gift that will grow with a child. 
- Stage1: Ride on with drawer in and t-bar at lowest setting
- Stage 2: Converting to a stand-on with t-bar at lowest setting
- Stage 3: Converting to a stand-on with t-bar at highest setting

Galt Nursery Trampoline
Winter months indoors can be really tough with a toddler. We had a trampoline for Maggie & Alex that was used non stop when they were 12M-3. Tommy is as active as can be these days and this trampoline will be under our tree for him to enjoy this winter! I like the one from Galt because it's small enough to not take up much space, but is big enough for little ones to jump and play! Also, the handle and legs come off for really easy storage. 

Two other toys that we love from Galt are the Fill and Spill Barn and their puzzles. These are perfect for ages 12-24M and very well made. 

Green Toys 
We love Green Toys in our house. My favorites are: the firetruck, tool set (comes in pink or blue), blocks and their dish set. They have so many awesome toys for babies and toddlers. Plus all Green Toys are 100% recycled toys made safely in the USA. You really can't go wrong with anything from this line for babies/toddlers. 

Little Sapling Wood Blocks
Blocks seem like the most basic gift ever, but there's a reason they've been around forever - they're fun! Blocks are also a great gift that will grow with the child. Right now, our favorite blocks are from Etsy shop Little Sapling Toys. They are handmade and high quality. Little Sapling has a lot of other really cute, unique gift options in addition to blocks. 

Xylophone Drum
We love toy instruments and I wanted to find something different for this year. The Ambi Toys Xylophone drum is so neat and very inexpensive. It's a musical toy that's really 2 toys in one: a drum on one side and xylophone on the other. There's an easy grip handle so little ones can take their  band  on the go!

Ok this wild & fun little creature is a top seller this holiday season! Here's why: Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo gets baby moving, dancing and singing. There are 3 modes of play to grow with the baby:
- Mode 1: Dance & Move mode is all about encouraging baby to wiggle & move.
- Mode 2: Learning & Games mode introduces baby to colors, ABCs, counting, action & interactive games
- Mode 3: Record Song mode allows for baby and mom to record their voice, then BeatBo will sing it back in a customizable song

Disney Shape Blaster Boom Box
I added this to Tommy's Christmas list after he looked at it for an entire trip to Target. Usually I spend the whole shopping trip trying to keep him from jumping out of the cart or holding him, but the Shape Blaster totally had him glued. The toy helps to teach  shapes through music and song. The songs are upbeat and fun and my girls were singing along with it too. 

Fisher-Price Classics Cash Register
This toy is sure to bring back memories. I can remember this cash register being a toy in my Kindergarten classroom. Cash registers are always a fun gift for toddlers and this classic is my top pick this season. It's interactive, colorful and fun. 

Thomas & Friends Turbo Flip Thomas 
This new Thomas & Friends toy makes fun sounds and says cute phrases. It also does some crazy cool tricks!  You use the included remote to make Thomas spin in reverse, pop a wheelie and even do back flips! 

I See Me Books 
These books are my favorite personalized gift. They are fun to create and are beautiful books. My girls love every I See Me book they've ever received because the book is "all about them". This Christmas I made Tommy the race car book from I See Me called "Speedster Tommy".  It is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to read it to him when he opens it! 

And for 2 cool stocking stuffers: 
eeBoo Noisy Ball
The Noisy Ball is bright, soft and fun for ages 0 & up. It's fun to grab, throw and crinkles, jingles, and squeaks! You can also find it on Amazon. 

Ambi Toys Pocket Cars, Focus Pocus and Trumpet: All are bright, safe and fun for little ones! 

The Best Clothes and Shoes 
I like giving little ones clothes and shoes for the holidays because it's useful and practical and they are too little to be disappointed that they can't play with their gift! In addition to giving clothes and shoes as gifts, this list is great for picking out holiday wear for your own little one to sport this season - especially the holiday pajamas! 
Hatley actually has wonderful gifts for every age this holiday season (you'll see them pop up in a few of our gift guides). For babies and toddlers, you can't go wrong with Hatley pajamas or clothes. Their sleepwear is available in so many fun patterns for the holidays and they have both Footed Coveralls
Sleepy Rompers. For daytime, Hatley has great Rompers and Play Sets. We have both styles and they hold up really well for lots of play! I like the bold prints and soft material of Hatley clothes for babies and toddlers. Their whole line for little ones will make great gifts! 

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket
It's not clothes, not a toy, but still a perfect gift! The Aden + Anais Dream Blanket is a favorite for all of my kids. From rolling around on it as babies to sleeping with it well past the toddler years, this blanket is soft and super snuggly for winter time. Aden + Anais has so many cute new patterns in the Dream Blanket right now. I love the "High Seas" whale blanket. 

Tommy needed some dress shoes for the holidays and I found the cutest traditional holiday selection for babies at Babychelle. They had your traditional saddle shoes for boys, red Mary Janes for girls and so many other adorable options. 

Zutano is always a go to brand for me when buying baby gifts. I've never been disappointed with anything I've gotten from this brand, for my own children, so I am confident buying Zutano for gifts. They also have adorable accessories to use for stocking stuffers or to match the clothing gift you buy. Their hats, gloves and booties and a super cozy option! 
Gymboree Gymmies 
For a snuggly pair of holiday pajamas, we love the Gymboree Gymmies. They have so many styles for babies and toddlers. There are both 1 and 2 piece options. They also make it easy to get matching Gymmies for siblings - most styles come in options for boys and girls from baby up to size 12. Tommy is getting some cute Gnome One-Pience Gymmies to match his big sisters two-piece gnome Gymmies. 
See Kai Run
We love See Kai Run shoes. They have great shoes for little ones to wear at the holidays. They look nice and keep those tiny feet well supported and comfortable. See Kai Run also has awesome boot options for winter gift giving. 
Appaman has every type of clothes you could need for the baby/toddler you are shopping for: outerwear, play clothes, formal holiday clothes and awesome accessories. Their styles are hip and fun for gift giving. They are also really comfortable and well made. My girls love Appaman and think it's cool that baby brother can wear it too now. 
Personalized Hats from Sila Boutique
I think personalized winter hats are the perfect gift for a baby or toddler. They are cute, personal and will keep the little one's head warm all winter. I can't wait to give Tommy his new hat with his name on it! Our favorite personalized hats are from Sila Boutique
Happy gift giving! 

Hot Holiday Toy Finds for 2015

There's something pretty special about watching kids make their Christmas wish lists.  It takes me back to the days of my own childhood when I would sit in our living room & spend hours searching catalogs and newspaper advertisements for which items would make my Christmas list that year.  Often, my list was full of Barbies, stuffed animals, & books.  Fast forward twenty years later and now I get to watch my own kids create their holiday wish lists.  My kids actually spend all year creating their holiday wish lists.  Often, while we are out shopping & running errands, my kids point out something that they would love.  My simple response:  add it to your wish list.  So they will borrow my phone and take a picture to remember that they want to add that item to their wish list.  By December, they have plenty of toys to fill their wish list.  Below, we are sharing some of the ultimate toys this holiday season that kids want for the holidays from Walmart.  All of these items would be awesome gifts for kids & ones to watch for great deals tomorrow during Cyber Monday!
Hot Holiday Toy Finds for 2015 || The Chirping Moms
Hot Holiday Toys for Boys from Walmart
Razor Electric Scooter
Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control X-34 Landspeeder
Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen
Huffy BMW X6 6-Volt Battery Powered Ride-On
Paw Patrol Action Pup, 6 Pack
KidKraft Wooden Train Table & 120 Waterfall Mountain Set with 3 Bins
Zoomer Dino Jester
MD 2-Player Basketball Game
Personalized 80 Piece Youth Art Set
Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave

Hot Holiday Toy Finds for 2015 || The Chirping Moms
Hot Holiday Toys for Girls from Walmart
KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture
Zoomer Zuppies
Cuddles Giggly Monkey
Dynacraft Girls' Outburst Bike
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart States Sis
Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart
Crayola Glow Easel
Disney Frozen Snow Globe Elsa Doll
Paw Patrol Paw Patroller
Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

We hope that these lists help guide your holiday shopping this year & make sure you take a look at Walmart for some great deals on toys this year.  I know that is one site that I will be keeping an eye on tomorrow during Cyber Monday!


November 28, 2015

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys: Ages 4-8

It's our second day of our holiday gift guides & today, I am so excited to share some of our favorite picks this year for boys, ages 4-8.  I have had a lot of fun creating holiday wish lists with my boys & we have come up with the Ultimate Wish List for you!  Below are some great gift ideas for boys.  There is an even a special Star Wars section because my boys are all about anything Star Wars this year!  I'm not buying Aiden & Andrew everything that is featured below, but this list was created based on a mix of items that we are purchasing for Christmas, items that they own already (and love), & other items that I think would make great gifts!  We hope you enjoy our Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Toys for Boys, Ages 4-8

A Teepee To Call Your Own:  This stylish teepee from Land of Nod is the perfect gift for the boys (and Abby) this year!  We just moved into our new house & thought this would be a fun addition to their new playroom.  It's a great spot to play, read, & just hang out.  I know that it will be a toy that will last for many years!
Playmobil Super 4 Pirate Fort:  My boys love anything related to pirates this year, especially after our trip to the ocean & reading all about pirates this summer.  Playmobil is one my favorite brands of raids because it encourages use of their imagination.  This set would be great for their pirate everyday play!
Playmobil Super 4 Pirate Cave:  Another pirate set from Playmobil.  Usually when I buy one part of a set, I try to buy two so each boy has their own little area to play even if they are playing together.  It just keeps things a little easier in our house.  This pirate cave would be a great set to compliment the pirate fort.
Micro Maxi Kick Scooter:  If there's one outdoor ride-on toys that my kids have used everyday, it would be their Mini Kick scooters.  They are amazing & I have recommended them over and over again.  Aiden, sadly, has outgrown his Micro Mini so I decided it was time to upgrade his scooter to the Micro Maxi Kick scooter which is designed for elementary school-age kids.  Highly, highly recommend Mini Kick scooters if you are looking for scooters for your kids & I know that Aiden is going to love this scooter this year!
Geomag Color Variety Set:  My boys are all about building & creating this year so I am going to add this Geomag building set to their wish list this year.  This magnetic construction set from Geomag allows kids to construct with magnetic rods and metal spheres.  I think the boys would love to try these out & build, build, build!
Battat Take-A-Part 4 x 4:  My five year old still loves his play tools, so I thought that the Battat Take-A-Part 4x4 would be perfect for a Christmas gift this year.  This set challenges kids to build & take a part 21 pieces of a 4 x 4 vehicle using a power screwdriver with three interchangeable bits.  Andrew would love this toy, so he can use his tools just like Daddy!
Create A Story Paper Center:  My first grader loves to write.  Seriously, some nights he will write like five books in one night.  Books about school, books about trips, books about really anything.  I thought this fun paper center from Lakeshore Learning would be a great gift for Aiden to encourage him to continue writing & illustrating.  I love that this paper center comes with a safe cutting edge and over 500 feet of paper.  As a former teacher, I absolutely love shopping at Lakeshore Learning for my kids.  There are so many awesome educational gifts to be found at this wonderful store.
Lego Juniors & Lego Sets:  My boys are all about Legos this year so I know they would love to find a new Lego set under the tree.  I love the Lego Juniors set for Andrew because he can build them all on his own, while Aiden loves any & all Lego sets!
Dome Climber Play Center:  I love to find new outdoor toys for the kids during the holiday season.  Since we moved this summer, we don't have a ton to do out in our backyard, but we do spend a lot of time out there.  I thought this dome center would be perfect for the kids!
OgoSport OgoDisk Raq:  Here's another fun game that would be perfect for the backyard!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms

Holiday Gift Guide
Star Wars Toys for Boys, Ages 4-8
Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure:  As much as my boys love Star Wars, they have yet to own a true Star Wars action figure.  Andrew would love this Darth Vader from Jakks Pacific, which is his favorite character!  This Darth Vader comes with a lightsaber on his bet & would be great for hours of imaginative Star Wars play.
Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure:  I have said it before, but I often buy toys in complimenting sets so they each have a toy to play with when they play together.  This Stormtrooper, again from Jakks Pacific, would be another hit in our house! 
Star Wars Voice Changer Boombox:  I'm pretty sure this will be a big hit in our house.  This voice changing boom box from eKids allows you to change your voice to sound like Darth Vader.  You can also connect your MP3 player & sing along in Darth Vader's voice.  I'm  pretty sure this will provide hours of fun for the boys (and us parents!).
Death Star Bluetooth Speaker:  Aiden keeps asking me for a speaker in his room to listen to music.  When I saw this Death Star Bluetooth Speaker from eKids, I knew it was the perfect gift for him this holiday season.  At first glance, it looks just like the Death Star but in reality, it's also an awesome Bluetooth speaker!
 Storm Trooper Costume:  Andrew is seriously the king of costumes.  He was Darth Vader for Halloween, but now he has been asking for a Storm Trooper costume.  I know he will be delighted opening this costume on Christmas morning!
Lego Star Wars Ezra's Speeder Bike:  Legos & Star Wars, this is the perfect gift for Christmas.  This set is number one on Aiden's wish list & I know that he will be super excited to open Ezra's Speeder Bike as he has been waiting a long time for this specific set!
Lightsaber:  These are a must-have for any Star Wars fans.  This will provide hours of fun!
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Series:  This Storybook Collection trilogy series is highly rated & would be great for some bedtime stories for any Star Wars fan!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Clothes for Boys, Ages 4-8

Gymboree Pajamas:  I am planning to give each child a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, along with a fun family board game to play that night by the Christmas tree.  I love the pajamas from Gymboree because they are fun and festive, plus I can find matching sets for boys and girls.  Aiden loves penguins, so this year I got him fun penguin pajamas that match his siblings.
See Kai Run shoes shoes:  Both of my boys are in need of some new dress shoes this year, so they will be finding them under the tree.  See Kai Run is one of our go-to shoe stores this year so I went with a classic black sneaker for my sneaker-loving five year old & a brown loafer (just like Daddy's) for my six year old. 
The Patchery Shirt:  If you haven't heard of The Patchery,  you should definitely check it out.  It's an online custom kids' clothing boutique where you design the item of choice & the company creates it.  I think this would be a really special gift from someone that lives far away (grandma or grandpa!) where they can design an one of a kind shirt for each of the boys.  After designing & submitting, The Patchery creates the shirt and will send the package on so each kid will have their very own unique shirt created by someone special.  It is definitely a non-traditional, but super special, gift idea!
Fleece Lined Hat:  We have spent the past month scrambling for hats & gloves anytime the temperature has dropped, so a great gift for Christmas are these fun fleece lined hats from Boden!  
Winter Coat:  My oldest child is in desperate need of a new winter coat & so he will be finding a new coat under the tree this year!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Games & Activities for Boys, Ages 4-8

LaserMaze Jr.:  This game would be perfect for the older boys.  This single-player logic game from Thinkfun features a real laser where the player has to reflect and split the laser beam using mirrors and targets to reach the goal.  I am always looking for independent activities for Aiden & I think this would be a great challenge for him!
RushHour Shift:  We already own the RushHour Game & my boys love it.  When I saw that there is now a two player version, I thought that this would be a great gift under our tree this year so the boys can play one of their favorite games together.  This sliding block logic game from Thinkfun is challenging & fun for kids to play!  I know that my boys will be excited to open this box.
Race to the Treasure Cooperative Game:  Games where everyone wins are my favorites.  This award winning game from Peaceable Kingdom is a cooperative game where players work together to beat the Ogre to the treasure by creating a path from start to finish.  After reading the great reviews, I decided that this would be another great game to gift this holiday season!
Stack Attack Game:  Here is a simple, but well-loved, dice game that would be fun for kids and adults of all ages that is created by Patch Products.  You roll the dice and stack a higher or lower number on the tower.  It's kind of like a dice version of Jenga, one of Aiden's favorite games.
Cheese Dip Game:  This game would be perfect for the younger boys.  Cheese Dip, created by Patch Products, allows kids to practice their spelling during this fun game.  The kids use their mouse to hook letters one by and one & try to be the first to finish their word.  There are multiple word level difficulties so the game will grow with your child!  Andrew is just learning to spell words, so I thought this would be a great game to challenge him.
Build A Robot Game:  eeboo games are one of my favorite gifts to give because they are beautiful & fun.  Kids will use their number recognition & match shapes and numbers to build their robot.  Andrew loves robots, so I thought this would be a fun addition to our game closet!
Gobblet Gobblers:  This game, from Blue Orange Games, is so cute & a fun first strategy game for kids.  It's similar to Tic-Tac-Toe where you have to line up three of your Gobblers in a row to win but players can gobble up their opponent's pieces to take their place.  It has awesome reviews & I love that it only takes a few minutes to play each game.  Aiden & Andrew will love playing this silly game! 
Bananagrams Wild Tiles:  If there is one game that the adults in the house love, it's Bananagrams.  My first grader is just starting to join in on the games as he learns to spell more and more words.  I thought it would be fun to get him his own set of Bananagrams & I love this new version called Bananagrams Wild Tiles.  Much like the classic version, the player creates a crossword-style word grid trying to use all their letters before anyone else.  But, in this fun version, each player gets 6 wild tiles to use as they need.  He will be so excited to have his own Bananagrams to play!
Magic School Bus Science Explosion Game:  One of my boys' favorite show on Netflix is The Magic School Bus so when I saw this fun science explosion game from The Young Scientists Club, I think this would be a great educational addition to the game closet.  I love that it gets the kids interested in science & the first player to the end gets to set off the volcano!
Kinetic Sand:  We love Kinetic Sand in our house, especially during these long winter months.  With this Paradise Island playset, the kids can create their very own tropical parade with four plastic mods and a sand float.  It's a nice twist to traditional kinetic sand.
Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Books for Boys, Ages 4-8

My 12 Days of Christmas:  I always pick out a special book each holiday season for this kids.  This book from I See Me is based on the classic Christmas tune "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  Readers will find their names in the book, as well as up to twelve different names of family members to make this story even more personalized.  I added a sweet photo and personalized dedication so this will be a holiday book to cherish in years to come!

Here are some other books that I have on her holiday wish list:
Happy book
Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Stocking Stuffers for Boys, Ages 4-8

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys:  Ages 4-8 || The Chirping Moms
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Disclosure:  This post does include affiliate links & I did receive some of these items to review, but as always, all opinions are my own.

November 27, 2015

Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls, Ages 2-3

Black Friday is here, so I decided it was the perfect time to kick off our Holiday Gift Guide series.  I am so excited to share some of our favorite picks this year for girls, ages 2-3.  Christmas shopping for kids this age is so much fun because they love just about anything.  Below are some great gift ideas for girls.  I'm not buying Abby everything that is featured below, but this list was created based on a mix of items that we are purchasing for Christmas, items that she owns already (and loves), & other items that I think would make great gifts!  We hope you enjoy our Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls:  Ages 2-3.  
Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls, Ages 2-3 || The Chirping Moms

Holiday Gift Guide
Toys for Girls, Ages 2-3

Hop, Skip, and a Jump Playmat:  This is one gift that I am super excited to give Abby this holiday season.  This fun hopscotch rug from Land of Nod is sure to keep her (& her brothers) busy inside during these long winter days!
Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Doll:  We are just starting to enter into the princess stage, with of course her favorite characters being Elsa & Anna.  This sing-a-long Elsa doll, from Jakks Pacific, uses a real working microphone so the kids can sing the "Let it Go" song with Elsa.  A great gift for any Frozen lover!
Frozen Singing Anna Doll:  And if you have singing Elsa, you better have a singing Anna too.  This Anna doll, from Mattel, will sing "For the First Time in Forever" when you push the button on her necklace.  Another great gift for any Frozen lover!
Dalmation Vet Kit:  Abby loves our dogs so when I saw this adorable Dalmatian Vet Kit from Battat, I knew it would be a hit this Christmas.  Each set includes a puppy dog, stethoscope, tongs, & several other pieces.  Now, she can finally have a turn taking care of her own puppy!
Baby Doll:  Abby is all about her dolls, so of course we want to surprise her with a new baby!  I'm a huge fan of Corolle dolls as they are beautiful, timeless, & will grow with your child.  I also love how all Corolle dolls have a slight vanilla scent.  I'm excited to give Abby this doll that is all dressed up for Christmas!
Doll Cradle:  This year, we decided it was time to buy Abby a few doll accessories since she is really starting to get into imaginative play & wanting to be just like mommy.  This cradle from Corolle is so sweet & fun for little girls.  The cradle comes with a bunny print mattress and blanket so she can read books & rock her babies to sleep.
Baby Doctor Set:  This is a fun little set, again from Corolle  that encourages your child to pretend to be a doctor.  It comes with a stethoscope, dropper bottle, syringe, & more all in a carry-all bag. A simple, but fun, toy for girls!
Doll High Chair:  I love the hot pink color of this high chair from Corolle.  It is actually a high chair that also converts into a desk and chair set.  It's a great addition to Abby's new doll accessories this year!
Glitter Shoes:  Abby really wants some glitter princess shoes.  Instead of buying her a toy pair, I decided to spend a little more & get her some glitter everyday shoes from Umi.  These shoes with their silver glitter are perfect for any little princess!
Hip Hop Plush Bunny:  Stuffed animals are always a hit in our house & I thought this sweet bunny from Zutano would be a great sweet addition under the tree.  So soft & so cute!
Playhouse Ice Cream Truck:  This is the most adorable "playhouse" ice cream truck for kids from created by OTO.  I know my kids, especially Abby, would have a blast serving ice cream all year long in her playroom.
Play-Doh My Little Pony Make 'n Style Ponies:  Abby is all about My Little Pony this year so I thought this fun set from Play-Doh would be perfect.  Play-doh is one of her favorite things to do while I am cooking dinner & this set will be a great addition to our Play-doh collection.
Crayola Marker Tower:  I try to update our art supplies each holiday so this year, I thought a new set of markers would be perfect.  I love the Pip-Squeak markers for small hands as they are thicker and easier for little hands to hold.
Paw Patroller:  This is one item that Abby would love to have.  She is a huge Paw Patrol fan & I have a feeling that this would provide hours of entertainment!
Seesaw:  I also like to update our outdoor toys during holidays or birthdays.  I thought this seesaw would be great for our new backyard and offer another fun opportunity for the kids to play together!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls, Ages 2-3 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Games & Activities for Girls, Ages 2-3

Stack Up Game!:  I'm always looking for games that keep both Abby & my older ones entertained.  Stack Up! looks like a great addition to our game closet.  It's an award winning game from Peaceable Kingdom that consists of tower building where players work together to stack blocks.  Kids learn color matching & work on hand eye coordination while having fun.
Sparky Board Game:  Sparky is an interactive game that teaches colors and shapes!  This game, created by Patch Products, is both fun and educational.  Sparky lights up a color and says a shape while kids find that and match it to their cards.  I thought this is perfect for our budding preschool Abby as she is working on learning her colors and shapes.
Sticker Fun! Reusable Princess Stickers:  Reusable stickers are a favorite in this house because there is no wrong place to put them & kids can use them over and over again.  This princess set from Peaceable Kingdom looks like lots of fun for a little girl.  We love that this set comes with a handled tote that makes it easy to carry around & is a great way for Abby to have fun on their own.
eeboo Alphabet & number Puzzle Pairs:  eeboo games are always a hit in our house because they are beautifully created and educational.  In this game, children will match simple puzzle pairs using whimsical images as clues.  I added this matching set to the set because it is a perfect learning tool for kids who are learning their alphabet and numbers.
Spot It Junior Animals:  This is great for little ones with older siblings because it is a game that all kids can enjoy!  It's a great game for on-the-go and for fun at home.
Tub of Animal Counters:  This tub is so simple, but wonderful for teaching and playing.  These counters are perfect for teaching counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination, but also lots of fun for hours of imaginative play.
Water WOW Bundle:  These Water WOW books are perfect for kids, especially when you are on the go.  Each book comes with a refillable water pen that you use to color the reusable pages.  Each page is white when dry, but filled with color when wet.  These are a hit in our house & I often purchase a new set after a full year of use of these Water WOW books.
Thinkfun Roll & Play Board Game:  This is a game that is sure to be a hit with younger ones.  It encourages creativity, active play, & gross motor skills and is simple to understand and play with young children.  This game is a hit in our house & my older kids love to play this with Abby!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls, Ages 2-3 || The Chirping Moms
Holiday Gift Guide
Books for Girls, Ages 2-3

My Very Merry Christmas:  I always love to buy one special book each holiday season for each kid.  This year, I chose to get Abby this personalized book from I See Me.  This story features Goose, Chipmunk, and other furry friends who deliver a note about your child to Santa.  At the end of this adorable story, the animals circle the tree tha tthye have adorned with your child's name spelled out on the ornaments.  It's a book that is created just for your child & a holiday book to cherish in years to come!
Here are some other books that I have on her holiday wish list:
The Watermelon Seed
Little Owl's Day
The Very Cranky Bear
Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues
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Clothes & Accessories for Girls, Ages 2-3

Cat Dress:  Abby loves cats so when I saw this adorable dress for Zutano, I knew this was one to have.  Zutano is one of my favorite brands for kids because their clothes are just so cute!
Winter Hats & Mitten Set:  We usually spend the month of December scrambling for whatever mittens & hats that we can come up with, so a great gift for Christmas is a hat & mittens set.  I love this sweet adorable set from Boden.
Rain BootsRain Jacket, & Umbrella:  Abby has been asking for rain boots and an umbrella just like her brothers have so I decided that this year would be a perfect time to get her own rain gear.  I love this Pluie Pluie matching trio from Babychelle for girls.  I love that the rain jacket is lined for colder days, but it is also available unlined as well.  I know this will be one of her favorite gifts this holiday season!
Dress Shoes:  Each year, it's nice to get a new pair of dress shoes & these simple but sweet shoes from See Kai Run are a great pick for the new year.  The classic black goes with about any outfit & again, I often buy on the bigger side so I know that it will last for a long time!
Pajamas:  We love to give the kids a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, along with cocoa & a family board game to play together before going to bed.  This year, I got Abby an adorable set from Gymboree that matches her big brother!
Hair Accessories:  Last, but not least, I am always looking for some new fun hair accessories for girls.  Courtney told me about this fun new shop that she found, The Juice Shoppe, & I found lots of beautiful new bows and headbands for Abby for the next year!

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Disclosure:  This post does include affiliate links & I did receive some of these items to review, but as always, all opinions are my own.

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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