The Chirping Moms: A Few of Our Favorite Things

May 16, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things

As any mom knows, kids change their "favorites" day by day. Every now & then you find a toy that keeps them busy for a few days & sometimes even a few weeks or months. These are two of our favorites:
Pottery Barn Doll House. This was Maggie's Christmas gift from her great grandmother & it's been keeping her busy since December. Maggie loves it because it's big enough to fit just about any of her things. A regular dinner party in the dollhouse includes Little People, Barbies, Batman & various stuffed animals. I love it because it's pretty and will grow along with her. They make all kinds of great accessories that she can get as she gets older. It's very sturdy & well made.
Imaginarium Bouncy Horse (red horse behind Alex): This was a birthday gift from Maggie's pal Keifer. Both girls love this horse. Maggie rides/ bounces on it around the house. Alex would sit on it and chew the ear all day if I let her. It comes in a small box but don't be deceived. The pump that is included inflates the horse in minutes. Its also easy to deflate if needed.
One of my favorites right now is their DVF Baby Gap rompers. They are so soft & adorable. They look like dresses from the front but they are actually shorts. They are on sale right now!

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  1. I'm so loving the faux wrap dress/romper! The girls are so stylish :)


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