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May 10, 2012

Mornings and Messes...

These boys wake up EARLY, and I mean early!  

  Aiden, my three year old, starts our day as he comes buzzing into our room right around 6:30 hopping into our bed.  Shortly after, Andrew starts stirring and our day begins!  We usually read a few books in Andrew's room (more than likely he chooses books about trucks, trains, or airplanes)  before heading downstairs.  And this is what usually happens...
Snuggles with brother while watching one of our favorite shows!  They usually snack on a little cereal, have some much-needed milk, and wake up for the day.  I have to admit that I need this television time too, in order to check e-mail, unload dishes, make breakfast, and get anything ready for the morning!  And this all happens before 7:30-when I believe we really should start waking up.

Now today we had one of those rainy, gloomy, don't want to leave the house kind of days...

Although we did leave the house for some library story time (and jumping in puddles), I used my extra time at home to clean out our toys!!!!!  I have to say that I love to be organized and the mess that comes with toys drives me crazy.  So instead of getting stressed out daily about mismatched/scattered through the house toys, I resort to cleaning through our toys about every six weeks.  So I spent the morning sorting, moving toys around, storing toys that the kids have outgrown, and sorting some more!

And I have to say that we use up every square foot in our little, old house, so I have to be extra careful on how toys are organized because they could quickly overtake our house!  Space is a premium around here.

And here's the end result...our shelf in our main floor side room..  
These baskets are in our living room.  Two of these contain miscellaneous small toys.  One of them contains books on cd.  And another contains those leapfrog magnetic toys that are supposed to go on the refrigerator, but instead of them getting tossed all over the kitchen, I decided to keep them contained here!
 And this is our basement playroom shelf.   The baskets all contain different items (cars, dress-up items, toddler toys, little people figures, etc.) while the bottom shelves hold all the bigger items!  (And do you know how much I love our basement?  It's amazing the kids can make a big mess down here and I don't care because I don't see it!!!)

I have to say that after spending the morning doing all of this, I feel SO much better!  There's something about having all of the toys straightened that makes a mama feel happy!  

So two questions for you all...
1.  What do your mornings look like?
2.  Any other tips on how to keep all of the toys organized?!?!  

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  1. I'd say you're very organized! I don't think you need any more tips, doing great! :)

    - Katie M


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