The Chirping Moms: Our First Where to Wednesday

May 31, 2012

Our First Where to Wednesday

The Tweeting Moms hit the Jersey shore this week. AND as if vacation with 4 kids under 4 are not enough, we invited a friend with 2 more kiddies. So we had a fun, wild & crazy week with 6 kids under 4 under 1 roof. It was a lot of fun!

Fun in the sand
Breakfast chaos


My favorite shot

Some quiet time on a rainy morning

Pasta night

Loving the water


  1. wow! looks like you all had your handsful! but what fun!

  2. Looks like a fun vacation! I'd love to go on a vacation with friends and their families.

  3. What awesome pictures, love the walk to the beach!

  4. Wow awesome photos and kids are really looking very happy to be on the beach...this is a perfect family vacation for me and I am so much happy that you experienced this one..!!


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