The Chirping Moms: Super Simple Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

May 11, 2012

Super Simple Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Need a last minute gift for Grandma? These 2 projects took under 20 minutes & came out really cute. I'll start with the simpler one: Hand print flowers. Maggie is blessed to have 9 ladies to celebrate with on Mother's Day (me, grandma, great grandma, aunts, etc). So we wanted a little something to go on each lady's plate. Maggie had a blast making her hand prints & then you can see how I made the rest. Just some cut out colored paper!

Next gift: Photo Plaques
- Buy wooden plaques ($1), tube of paint ($1), foam brushes ($1), any ribbon and some Modge Podge ($6)
- Paint the plaques
- Stick your kid's picture on it
- Brush a few layers of Modge Podge over the picture (it dries clear)
- Staple or hot glue ribbon on back

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Those hand print flowers are adorable! I will definitely be stocking this idea away for next Mother's Day! Super cute!


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