The Chirping Moms: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft

May 24, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft

First of all, don't forget to enter our FIRST giveaway that was featured on Monday's post for the monogrammed shirt/onesie by KY Girl's Crafts.  It is SO cute and the giveaway ends at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our goals for our blog is to share weekly some activities that you can do with your children.  We are both moms who try to do crafts, hands-on activities, and other fun things with our kids.  But let's just say try, because we all know that it just doesn't happen everyday as there is always a tall pile of laundry, whining children, doctor's appointments to get to, and beautiful sunny days where we just play outside all day!!!!!!!  

We LOVE books in this house!!!!  And one of our favorites is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Since butterflies are finally arriving in New Jersey, I think this is a perfect book to read at this time of year.  My little one loves to "READ" on his own...


Today, I wanted to share a craft that we did after reading the book.  I have to admit that my 3 1/2 year old's time span does not last long, especially with art projects.  When we paint, it lasts about three minutes.  Coloring---one page, one colored crayon, and that's it!  Trying to do a project with this kid means it is going to have to be a quick one.  So I decided to staple four paper plates together to make a caterpillar.  And then we discussed the head and body---he noted that the body was green and the head was red.  And he wanted to add the purple ears, green eyes and nose, and brown legs.  So we got all the paint ready and he dove right into his art project...

And this is his wonderful creation!!!!

Check back tomorrow as we are going to share a few of our favorite things right now!


  1. Thanks, Julie! Yes, we painted the green chevron wall in our dining room. If you want to see more about how we did it, click on tutorials page at the top of my blog and it will take you there. : )

  2. what a darling caterpillar he made! i love that you allowed him to do it his own way! thanks for stopping by crayon freckles today!


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