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June 28, 2012

For the Kids Thursday: Toddler Tunes

I don't know how I didn't hear about this until last week, but have you heard about Spotify?  It's amazing, really?!  You can download it for free and search a HUGE list of songs and play them.  No more spending money at comes Spotify:)
  • You can search and hear any song that you want.  It's like searching a massive iTunes library---without having to buy the music:)
  • You can make and share playlists.  I've got my running mix all ready to go!
  • You set up one account--but can listen on multiple devices (iPhone, Macbook, etc.)
  • You can see your friend's playlists to see what tunes they recommend.
  • There is a radio feature, similar to Pandora, if you feel like mixing it up during the day.

Now since it is For the Kids Thursday, I wanted to share some of our favorite children records.  We really do listen to a lot of music around here, may it be in the playroom, in the car, or while we are eating breakfast.

Some of our favorites are...
1.  They Might Be Giants, Here Come the ABC's:  Songs all about the alphabet, bot not overly obnoxious. 
2.  Veggie-Tales Sing Along:  I have listened to this so many time that my three year old can recite the whole cd by memory-it's his FAVORITE!
3.  Baby Einstein, Playtime Music Box:  This reminds my son, Aiden, of the show Little Einsteins so he loves to hear all the classical music played here.
4.  Putamayo World Playground:  This is one of many Putamayo cd's and I really recommend them for something different to listen to.
5.  Laurie Berkner Band-how can you not listen to Laurie Berkner?!?!

Now here is some children's music that I am going to be searching for on Spotify.  These are children records that I think we would LOVE in our house...
1.  Jewel, The Merry Goes Round:  I loved Jewel back in the 90's and I'm pretty sure I will still like her voice now!
2.  Sesame Street Platinum All Time Favorites:  I think my 18 month old would love this.  He loves the Sesame Street books so maybe a little music will put him over the edge?!
3.  Dan Zanes, Family Dance:  I saw this recommended on another mom blog that I love, so why not?
4.  Renee and Jeremy:  Found this while searching for some new music, I think I could listen to this and not go crazy insane:)
4.  Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Reniditions of No Doubt:  What??? There is a No Doubt version--must see what it may sound like.  When I searched through these lullaby renditions there are SO many now--Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Green Day, and soon to be Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Any other ones that you recommend now that I have Spotify?  

And just so you know, we don't only listen to kid music around here.  We LOVE all type of music.  Do you really want to know Aiden's favorite song right now---check this video out from spending time with family at the beach.  I don't know why he loves this song, but he does?!:


There are different tiers of Spotify.  We are trying out the Premium version in our house since it has the full mobile experience (which will hopefully help my husband survive his train commute a little more joyfully and keep us going through our jogging stroller runs) just to see how much we use it.  But there is also an amazing Free version as well as an Unlimited version.  Head over here and get yourself some Spotify today.

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  1. Just hopping over to say hello, and thanks for the comment earlier on my blog!! I actually have Spotify downloaded on my phone but have never used it. I need to look at it again!

    1. Yes, definitely look at it!! It's our new obsession in this house this week!

  2. Hi stopping by to say hello, that is so cool that you guys are neighbors and blog together. I like that, thank you for liking my page. I am your newest follower via GFC.

    1. Thanks---looking forward to reading more on your page too:)

  3. What a wonderful post!! I had to pin it, so helpful!!!

    1. Enjoy---don't you just love Pinterest?

  4. We love Laurie Berkner and VeggieTales in our house, too!

    1. It's sad when you can admit to singing a whole VeggieTales cd---something about it is a little catch after listening to it for the 100th time!

  5. i love spotify too.. its great. i always have music on when im on the pc.. i havent made use of it anywhere else yet though.. and your childrens music list.. veggietales reminded me of when my son was little...we used to take him for a car ride all the time trying to get him to sleep, playing veggietales over and over again...
    miss those days..
    thanks so much for stopping by blog via nice to meet new ppl!

    1. Thanks-glad we found you!!! I'm not sure if I will miss Veggietales, but I will miss them being this small:)


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