The Chirping Moms: It's Snack Time!

June 21, 2012

It's Snack Time!

I'm always looking for ideas for feeding my kids. There are weeks when I think if it were not for fruit snacks & goldfish, Maggie would starve. Then there are days when she eats anything I put in front of her & I get super excited. Now that both girls can eat the same thing, I enjoy making meals more because I can make one thing & also feel like I waste less. But when it comes to snacks, I really feel like I am running out of ideas lately. I started asking around, browsing blogs & hit up Pinterest too, of course! Here are a few to highlight:

Frozen Yogurt Snacks: We go through freeze dried yogurt snacks in our house like MAD. The Happy Baby brand is a favorite in our house. I saw this recipe for making a frozen version & gave it a shot. It was fun to make, little change from our usual afternoon snack & great for a hot day!

Fruit Kabobs: I thought these looked really pretty & it's a fun alternative to fruit salad for kids.

Chocolate Covered Marshmellows: Made this with Maggie OUTSIDE. They are not healthy & it makes a disaster but it's fun & delicious. You just dip a marshmellow into chocolate & then into sprinkles.

Snacks on the Go: I found these on the blog Thrive. Great ideas for road trip snacks. I also like these for picnics & days at the pool

As if getting toddlers to eat was not challenge enough, imagine trying to do it for a toddler with multiple allergies. My kids can eat anything and I feel like I am always running out of ideas for snacks. I really can't imagine what it would be like to find out I had to drastically limit what my kids ate based on allergies. A darling little friend of mine just had her first birthday. She also just found out she is allergic to eggs, dairy & peanuts. I set out to find some snacks that are good for kids with allergies. So here are a few (please still look at all ingredients - I am not a pro in this category)!

Trader Joe's Non Dairy Frozen Dessert: It's in the ice cream isle of my FAV grocery store. It comes in strawberry & chocolate. It's basically ice cream made with coconut milk instead!

Fruit Leather: Trader Joe's has my favorite in this category (of course) but there are many brands that make these.

A couple from Plum Organics line for Tots: I love this brand. I love their baby food & their "Tots" line is fantastic. They were a sponsor at the Baby Buggy event I wrote about last week. While we were at the event, we got to try a few of their snacks for the first time: Fiddlesticks (gluten free) and Teensy Fruits (which are a healthy version of fruit snacks).

Yummy Earth Lollipops: These are actually a favorite in my house & Julie's. You can find them in stores but here they are on Mom E Minerals site. On this site you can actually search by ingredient for snacks & other products. Very helpful!

 I found a lot of good recipes on Suburban Utopia's blog!

Also, I was directed to a great blog: Namaste By Day. She does "Food Allergy Fridays" which have great information.

So now it's your turn to help me add to the variety of my kid's snacks. Please comment with some ideas of what your kids chow down on during snack time. Also, if you have any good ideas for snacks for kids with allergies, share those too. Happy snacking!

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  1. I'm a new follower and what a great post! I am always looking for healthy and easy snack ideas for my 2 year old. Thanks!

  2. Love this post, I make healthy treats, and I love it when i find healthy and easy snacks for my kiddies. Thanks

  3. No rush but did you see my email about the discount code for TKC? Am going to contact today... thanks (and great post, btw - one of you may be interested in my giveaway today, too!!)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! My toddler has 15 food allergies, so our processed foods are minimal. BUT!!! I found the greatest company call Enjoy Life - all of their cookies, crackers, chocolate chips, cereal bars, etc. are free from the Top 8 most common food allergies. This makes snacking on the go SO MUCH EASIER! We're big fans of Peter Rabbit Organics and Plum Organics (which you mentioned), too :)

  5. Thank you so much for this post and comments! I am going to check out some of the brands at the grocery store this weekend! I will let you know if I find anything good to add to your list!

  6. I'd say my baby chows down on breastmilk but I suppose that won't help you much. (Smile.) Nevertheless, I love having yogurt or healthy homemade muffins on hand for snacking, dry Cheerios mixed with raisins and nuts, or a simple piece of fruit. Thanks so much for linking up at Monday Mom Musings this week. I'd love to see you around again soon! Cheers!

  7. There's some great snack ideas here. My kids have started eating way more variety ever since we started doing muffin tin meals (or snacks). I usually pick a theme to make it fun, but sometimes just add whatever. They each get a six compartment muffin tin with something different in each compartment. The rule is that they have to try one bite from each compartment. It has helped them try new things and helped me to be sure that they are getting enough variety. If you want some ideas for themes or just what types of foods I have used, come over to my blog and click on "muffin tin Mondays" under the categories. It's totally changed the way my kids eat!


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