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July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites: Toddler Talk

Summer days can be long, hot & tiring. Taking two kids that can't swim to a pool everyday should be an Olympic sport. One thing that has been keeping me laughing on these tiring summer days: toddler talk. The things Maggie comes up with lately have really become a "favorite" part of this summer.

Since she was a baby I have been telling Maggie I love her "to the moon & back". Now she likes me to ask her "Maggie where do I love you to?" Just so she can say "to the moon & back a million million million times" (We have to do this multiple times a day).

I must have said "I don't think so kiddo" to Maggie some point. Now Alex has become "kiddo". It cracks me up when she says things like "Let's go swim kiddo" or "Don't cry kiddo. Let's find a bottle".

The other day, Tom became "hun". No idea why because I don't ever say that! "Hey hun can you find Barbie?".

As we were driving home today we heard in the back seat "I love God & I really love Aiden". Maybe Julie & I have been spending too much time together working on the blog!

What are some things your little ones have said that make you laugh?



  1. Our little guy isn't really old enough to create much from his own imagination but we love when we (or he) hide things and he puts his hand by his mouth and calls for it, saying something like "Ball, where are you?" Too cute!

  2. Kids say the greatest things! One of my favourite was when my son (almost 4) wanted to play cars without his sister (16 months at the time), so he went over to her and said "I'm going to play over there and you stay here". He put his arm around her shoulder and followed it with "I still love you".

  3. One time when my daughter was 3 or 4 she said "Dada, don't look. I'm going to do something bad". Then she jumped off the couch. It was to funny.

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  4. too cute. Thanks so much for stopping by B&D I am following your cute blog now:>

  5. Isn't toddler talk the BEST ever????

  6. Thanks for the follow and checking out my little blog recently! I have no idea what I'm in for with the toddler talk...Jack still can just say "Mama" "Car" "Dada" and then screams and grunts for whatever else he needs/wants! ;) Love your blog!

  7. Love that! My favorite is that due to us saying "brother" so much when they were little, all 3 boys call each other "brother" more so than by their names.

  8. Hi, coming over from Mom's Monday Mingle bloghop! How nice is this that you moms are so close as neighbors that you have a blog together! Love the idea!!

  9. cute!
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