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August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites: Back to School Books

Maggie never minds being left with a babysitter, doesn't mind if I drop her at a friends house & she never sticks by my side at "mommy & me" classes. She loves to run off at any chance she gets. So, I figured starting school would be a breeze. BUT lately she tells me "I don't want to go to school" at any chance she gets. She says she wants to stay home & does not want to meet her teacher. I panicked & asked around to some of my friends who have little ones who started preschool last year. Everyone said to start reading books about starting school (why didn't I think of that!?). Anyway, I checked out a TON from the library & bought some on Amazon. We'll see if they helped out next week when we have our big FIRST DAY! These are our favorites:

The Night Before Preschool
    Emily's First Day Of School

 Dora Goes to School
This one has been helpful because she likes seeing some of the "characters" she recognizes going to school too. 

Over here at Aiden's house, he is about to enter his first full year of preschool after completing a two morning week program from January-May!  He's done the preschool thing, but I'm still one anxious mommy after he has spent the past three months by my side.  Plus, we are starting at a new program this fall which I'm very excited about but I know will bring him some anxiety as he enters a new building with new teachers and new classmates.  He is always a little slow to warm up, doesn't get left with family too often (as we are SO far from all our relatives), and loves spending his days with people he knows!  So as we are about to start another school year, we have been jumping into some of our favorite back to school books too. Here are some of his must-reads:

Llama Llama Misses Mama
Seriously, one of the cutest book series alive and the PERFECT read for little ones heading off to school!

I Love You All Day Long
Such a sweet book!

Maisy Goes to Preschool
I love that Aiden got hooked on Maisy books at a young age so this was a MUST read for him!  SO cute and such a great transition into preschool.  

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  1. Great book list! My daughter loves the Black Lagoon series. Her pick a book reward from the library for reading 1300 pages over the summer was "Black Lagoon- Back to School Fright."

    Have an awesome weekend. Congrats on Co-Hosting Friday Chaos! Following your GFC. My follow me back link is @

  2. Just dropping in from the Hop to meet and greet you:) Oh I so remember taking my kids to the library and bringing home all the great books:) Kids and books, priceless:) I am now following you via GFC, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.
    I would love to invite you to drop in for a visit and share any of your great posts at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop:)

    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  3. We LOVE the Llama books! My daughter is 4 and still requests them at bedtime. Best of luck to both of you on the first day of school!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! they all look great. My sweetie is "graduating" to the older-two's classroom at her daycare next week, so this actually means something to me now. I've been to your blog before, but I don't think i followed. I'm following now via Naptime Review. Have a great day!


  5. Just dropping in from the hop. Those are great back to school suggestions that I will have to remember when my son is old enough for preschool. I did a similar blog post about best books for one year olds.

  6. I'm so glad you linked back to this post this year. Great list and we will be checking some out from the library before school starts!


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