The Chirping Moms: Happy Halloween: It's Party Time!

October 25, 2012

Happy Halloween: It's Party Time!

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So we are totally in Halloween mode around here---and what better way to get us in the festive mood than throwing a Halloween party for 90 PEOPLE! Yes, some may think Courtney and I are crazy, but together with one of our friends we organized a Halloween party for a social group that we are a part of.  LOTS of kids, LOTS of chaos, but LOTS of fun!!!

So we wanted to share some of the great activities we had planned for the party because several of them would make some great last-minute Halloween projects to do with your children!

1.  Ghost Pops:  Wrap a lollipop with kleenex.  Add eyes and month with a black marker.  Tie a piece of black yard to make the head.

2.  Paper Plate Pumpkins.  You can either paint a plate or orange or keep it simple with an orange plate.  Cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from black construction paper.  Glue on to paper and voila, you have a jack-o-lantern.


3.  Ghost Masks:  We just got these pre-cut ghosts from the craft store on one of their fall sales!  Add to craft stick and you have a little mask or puppet on a stick.

4.  Halloween Candy Bracelets:  Start with orange or black pipe cleaner.  String Apple Jacks onto the pipe cleaner.  Tie onto child's wrist to make a bracelet.


5.   Q-Tip Skeletons:  On construction paper, glue cotton swabs to make a skeleton body.  Add arms and legs.  Bend Q-Tips to make head.  Add smiley face with crayon.  

6.  Coloring, Stamping, and Stickers:  We had a table full of printable Halloween pages, crayons, Halloween stickers, and Halloween stampers.  These create your own tables are always a hit with little ones!

7.  Halloween Tattoos:  We found some adorable tattoos from Oriental Trading.  We just set them out with a bowl of water and sponges.  Parents could apply tattoo without any extra assistance.

8.  And everyone's favorite table...Cupcake Decorating.  Volunteers brought pre-made cupcakes, tubs of icing, and sprinkles.  Kids could decorate cupcakes as desired and EAT!!!!!

What a fun Halloween party we had!
Families brought in SO much food:  donuts, pretzels/potato chips, fruit, pizza, and WAY too much candy.  With all that sugar, there was lots of space for children to dance, run around, and just have fun!  (And don't worry coffee was provided to keep the parents going on a Saturday morning!)  We also set up a Halloween themed photo booth where parents could snap pictures of their children in their costumes.  Props were provided (inflatable guitars, glasses, hats, silly noses, etc.) in front of a little backdrop.  And one of our special activities was a pumpkin decorating contest.  Families could bring in a painted, decorated, or carved pumpkin and were entered into a contest where the winner won a little something special from a local restaurant in town.  

Check out the awesome pumpkin that won...

And of courses, we had to do a little decorating!  We held the party in the local community center so although it was hard to go crazy with our small budget, we got a little creative, say hello to Mr. Frankenstein!

Hope you are enjoying the countdown to Halloween as much as we are!  

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  1. New GFC follower from the Mingle with Us blog hop. Great craft ideas, even though I am a little craft-challenged, I think I could pull a few of these off. Thanks for the ideas.


  2. Great party planning! I did the skeleton when I taught school. So fun!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  3. Love these! Thanks for sharing!
    Angela from

  4. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas! :)

  5. Love these! And I love that they're super easy, and I don't have to go shopping for stuff!

  6. That is such a fun party! Love all the ideas! So precious!


  7. Cute Halloween ideas! Following from the hop.

  8. These are so cute and simple! My two year old would have loved this party! New follower via the Mom's Mingle.

    Lindsey from

  9. My favourite craft is the Q-tip Skeleton!!! Looks like lots of fun :)

  10. That Q-tip skeleton is the BOMB!! Thanks so much for linking each of these awesome halloween crafts up!

  11. I really like the candy bracelets. What a great way to keep munching on cereal all day long. I think I'll have to make myself a floor-length Thanksgiving necklace right now!


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