The Chirping Moms: Friday Favorites: Wild Things - Funky Little Dresses

November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites: Wild Things - Funky Little Dresses

Maggie has her first "favorite outfit". Her two favorite things are animals & playing dress up. So, when this darling mouse dress arrived from Wild Things - Funky Little Dresses, she couldn't put it on fast enough. 
I love Wild Things because they are adorable & so well made. Also, before this dress came Maggie preferred to wear a big puffy fleece bumble bee costume most places. I want Maggie to have fun & dress up (even to the grocery store), but it sure makes it easier if it's a lovely dress like this!
Wild Things- Funky Little Dresses, is a fun line of dresses for little girls (there are also a few items for boys). Kirsty Hartly, the shop owner, makes all of the dresses herself in her home studio in Lancashire, England.  Wild Things clothes are "made to excite and inspire little ones’ imaginations, while also being simple and practical."
Maggie wore her mouse dress to school for the first time this week. When we got to school she ran into the classroom as fast as she could & ripped her coat off in front of the teacher. I was in the hallway & could hear her sweet voice telling the two teachers "Look at me, I'm a little mouse today". 
I think this dress matches Maggie's funny little personality perfectly. I've been browsing the shop trying to decide which one will suite Alex. I'm thinking maybe the fox!
Wild Things dresses would make a fantastic holiday gift for any little girl! Be sure to head over & browse their wonderful clothes. In addition to the Etsy shop, you can find Wild Things on Facebook. Please note that they are only taking orders for Christmas delivery until Monday, December 10th. 


  1. Adorable! I pinned this dress a while ago. My little would LOVE this.

  2. SO CUTE! I think every little girl would looove these!!!

  3. umm... that could be the cutest thing ever. love.

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  4. That is an adorable idea for a dress. I have got to see if you have a tiger one. :) Will definitely pin this one. :)

  5. Fabulous round up!

    Following from Super sunday sync!


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