The Chirping Moms: Kicking Off Giveaway Week: Play Me Mama Crafts

December 3, 2012

Kicking Off Giveaway Week: Play Me Mama Crafts

We are in the giving spirit this week at The Chirping Moms and are kicking off a full week of giveaways just for our readers!!!!!!  Check back every day to see what our featured giveaway will be and make sure to share the giveaways with your friends!

To kick off our giveaway week, we are sharing some handmade, unique gifts for children created by Play Me Mama Crafts.  Play Me Mama Crafts creates their items with organic fabric.  Her items are affordable and adorable---perfect for boys and girls!  All these items would be a great holiday purchase for your little ones.  

First, we are featuring the Daddy's T-Shirt Superhero Capes for the super child in your world.  These capes are SUPER soft and comfortable.  The capes are custom made from t-shirts and are a perfect addition to any dress up box.  You get to choose your own emblem:  lightening bolt, large star, little stars, heart, or letter!  Let's just say that we have a lot of superheroes flying around this block.

Next, we were excited to try out these awesome wings that again would make a wonderful addition to any dress up collection.  The wings are really easy to put on:  arms go in an arm hole and then there is an extra loop for children to either hold in their hand or to go around their wrists.  The kids pretended they were birds, bats, and fairies!


Last, one of my favorite items in Play Me Mama Crafts shop are the organic hankies!  These hankies are perfect for little ones.  They can easily be tucked into a backpack, lunchbox, diaper bag, or even used as a play item!  I love how Made Me Mama Crafts described why she created them:  "Why bother with handkerchief's you might ask well... Handkerchiefs are more fun then just regular tissues, they are super easy to wash and dry with your regular laundry (and no tissue pieces everywhere when forgotten in a pocket!), they soften even more over time, they help with allergies...and they are eco-conscious!"

What a great lesson to start teaching children at a young age!  My boys have really got into having a napkin at the table.  We do use paper napkins, at times, and I have to admit that the boys' napkins often get used once with barely a trace of food on it and go into the trash.  I am SO excited to start using these hankies as my boys' napkins---reusable, easy to wash, and still teaching them good manners!  

Isn't it the perfect addition our dinner table?  

And check out the wonderful hankies that arrived at Courtney's house...

Today, as the first day in our week of giveaways, we are excited to let you know that THREE lucky readers will win an item from Play Me Mama Crafts!   One reader will win a Daddy's T-Shirt Superhero Cape, one reader will win a set of wings, and one set will win their own set of organic hankies!  You have until Friday to enter the giveaway and make sure to come back tomorrow to see what our next day of giveaways will be!!!!!


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  1. I love the prizes so much! Do I really have to pick a favorite?

  2. Love that superhero cape, but my favorite might be the wings which would make a perfect gift for my niece!

  3. The hankies would be AWESOME to have. I hate having to find somewhere to throw away tissues.

  4. My daughter would love a set of wings.

  5. I would like a set of organic hankies.

  6. I would like any of these amazing gifts.

  7. The girl would want the wings, the boy would want the cape!

  8. Would love the set of wings! Kate is very much so into Tinkerbell right now and would love to have wings just like Tink!

  9. I would love love love to get my little man a super hero cape. I have been calling him Super Boy & he watches Super Why all the time so he would be soooo excited :)

  10. Love the super hero cape, so cute!! Oh and I followed her blog via pinterest and signed up via email since I don't do bloglovin ;)

  11. Love the superhero cape!


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