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December 4, 2012

Today's Giveaway: Typecrush

Our wonderful week of giveaways continues with my favorite new game: Typecrush. I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind Typecrush at the Mom Trends holiday bash last week (keep an eye out for more info about great holiday ideas from this event). 
This game would make a great holiday gift for anyone on your list from about age 7 to 97. I also think this would be a great game if you have any grab bag or secret Santa gifts to get. 
I love board games & also love games you can play with a group at a party. Typecrush can easily fit in your purse & can pop out at the party for some word fun. 
So what is Typecrush
Typecrush is a word game that's based on letter frequency. It can be as simple or challenging as your imagination decides. Each game is handcrafted & letterpressed in the USA. I like to think it's a new, more colorful & more exciting version of Hangman. 
Typecrush segments the alphabet into five color-coded groups. The top group, ETAON contains the letters most frequently used, followed by RISHD, LFCMU, GYPWB, and VKXJQZ. Typecrush gives you four of each letter except VKXJQZ which has three of each—making virtually every word in the English language playable.
Here's an example:
You use the letters in the canister to spell the word of your choice (don't let anyone see it!). The other players try & guess the word. They use the letter frequency chart (there are a few in each Typecrush tube).
Ok now it's your turn to try & figure out the word on your own. If you can figure it out you get extra entries in the giveaway below! I'll give you a hint: think Christmas. 
Here's the letter frequency chart: 
I had a lot of fun learning how to play this game & I can't wait to break it out at all of our holiday parties & challenge family & friends. 
One lucky winner will receive a Typecrush game. You can do some holiday shopping & order the game here: 
Our readers receive 10% off with code CHIRP10 .
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