The Chirping Moms: July 2012

July 31, 2012

Dear New Mom: A Guest Post from I Love You More Than Carrots

Hi there! I'm "AP," wife to The Husband and Mama to two beautiful boys, Carter who is 2 years old and Maclane who is 1 month old. I'm also the voice behind the blog I Love You More Than Carrots. I'm so excited to be here at The Chirping Moms, sharing some of my mom-wit and wisdom with you! 

When Courtney asked if I would share my Letter to New Moms post, I couldn't help but reply with a resounding "yes!" Since I've suddenly found myself back in the trenches of Newborndom, this is a post that even I have gone back to time and time again. 

Dear New Mom,  

  I know. I can't believe they let you leave the hospital with a brand spanking new baby either, with no more than a few printed sheets of paper, a half-deflated congratulatory mylar balloon and hope and a prayer. 

  The good news is? You won't break the baby and you will survive. In fact, there's this crazy little thing called Mom-Nesia that usually sets in during those first six weeks of your newborn's life that I firmly believe is in place so that the human race doesn't eventually die off. Because if we could all recall those first six weeks? I'm fairly certain there would be a lot of only children in this world.

  Congratulations, New Mom and welcome to the hardest yet most rewarding "job" you'll ever have in your entire life. The good news is that being a Mom is likely the easiest job you'll ever have. Now, I didn't say it won't be exhausting or emotionally and physically draining but you'll soon note, it's pretty darn easy. In fact, it's all of the other "stuff" that makes it difficult. 

  You'll be surprised at how quickly that "mothering instinct," the one you may have never thought you had, suddenly kicks in. It kicks in about as quickly as do your Mom Claws but that's a letter for a whole other post. But like I said, being a Mom is simple. Being the one thing your brand new baby needs? Comes much more naturally than you'll anticipate. It's the rest of life that becomes difficult. 

   The laundry. The cooking. The cleaning. Self-hygiene. I'm here to tell you that it's OK. Eventually you'll find contentment in the little accomplishments. One load of laundry every couple of days is no big deal, even if it had to cycle through the dryer four times. And if you manage to fold it and put it away? You deserve a trophy. A really, really big one.

  You'll soon learn how creative you can be when it comes to taking a shower and just how much "baby crap" you can fit in that too-small bathroom of yours to enable you to do so. I'm talking the bouncy baby chair, the crib mobile, two blankies, a change of clothes, seven pacifiers and your 110lb sheepdog. Oh, you don't have a sheepdog? Sorry, that must've been me I was referring to. 

  I failed to mention this will only allow for a five minute shower. During which you will be singing "The ABC's" at the top of your lungs. 

  Speaking of self-hygiene, don't be surprised if it falls by the wayside during those first few weeks. You'll soon consider your day a raging success if you find time to brush your teeth. You'll absolutely blow your mind when you can sneak in a 5 minute shower. You suddenly won't care so much anymore if you don't have time to deep condition. The only one who sees you all day is the baby anyway, and believe me, he doesn't care how soft and silky smooth your hair is.

  Don't be surprised at how little sleep you'll soon need to function either. It will likely be slightly reminiscent of your college days, minus the binge drinking and fraternity parties. But remember how you could party all night and still make it to your 8am class with some semblance of order and matching clothes? That's kind of like how motherhood is. Although some days, your clothes won't match. Just be prepared. 

  You'll get really crafty doing things with one hand and even your feet at times. You'll leave the house thinking you're prepared for a quick trip to the store and likely return three times before actually embarking on your destination because you forgot something or the baby needs to be fed. Again. 

  Spit-up or some other newborn bodily fluid will become your newest accessory. In the beginning, it will gross you out but as time wears on, you'll simply lick your fingers, dab at the stain and upon realizing it ain't going to disappear anytime soon, proudly sport your new "mom-badge" because you simply cannot venture back into the house one. more. time. to change your clothes. Remember, your laundry is sitting in the dryer, waiting to be dried for the fourth cycle.

  And in no time, New Mom, you'll look back at those first six weeks and wonder why you were so worried in the first place. Soon enough you'll have your proverbial New Mom Sh*t together... enough... and all the other Really New Moms will look at you with envy wondering just how you do it and do it so well. 

  And you'll recognize that look, smile at them and reassure them that it will all be OK. 

  And twenty-four months (and two kids) down the road, you'll find yourself sharing all that you've learned on a friend's blog in a Letter to New Moms.

  Good luck, God speed and don't forget to laugh at yourself. 

  Love always,

Thank you so much, The Chirping Moms, for sharing your darling corner of the internet with me! Be sure to follow along with my many {mis}adventures in parenting both on my blog, on Twitter and on Facebook!

Thank you AP for your wonderful guest post! What would "Baby Week" be without some words of wisdom from one of our favorite Moms? 

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Giveaway: Personalized Onesie

I don't think there are many baby items as adorable a onesie with the baby's name or monogram on it. Not only do they look precious wearing them, but they make a great baby keepsake. I have seen some really cute shadow boxes that moms have made using one of their little one's personalized onesies. This is my favorite one of Alex's. It's from Precious & Prosperous Designs. I love the whale on it! All of the appliques from this shop are so bright & cheery.
Mary, from Precious & Prosperous, will award one lucky winner with a personalized appliqued onesie of their choice. The tough part will be deciding which one to choose!

We were not compensated for this post, however we did receive an item for review from Precious & Prosperous.

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July 30, 2012

Introducing...BABY WEEK!

We are so excited to share with our readers our first ever BABY WEEK here at The Chirping Moms!  A week dedicated to our precious little boys and girls that come into and transform our lives in a way you could never imagine.

So what will you see in the next few days here at Baby Week?  Daily giveaways, amazing guest posts lined up, a DIY bib tutorial, and some suggestions for amazing baby products.  So make sure to come back EVERY DAY to enter the giveaways and see some wonderful posts.  For our first day, we wanted to share with you today via Pinterest, some cute ways to announce to the world that you are pregnant!  Check out these fabulous "pins" and see our Babies board for a few more ways to tell the world that you are expecting...
Source: Imageshack via TheChirpMoms on Pinterest

Source:  The Macs via The ChirpMoms on Pinterest

Source: Little Baby Garvin via The ChirpMoms on Pinterest
Source: Unknown via TheChirpMoms on Interest
Source:  The Daily Buzz via The ChirpMoms on Pinterest
Source:  Unknown via The ChirpMoms on Pinterest

And now onto our first giveaway in this special week, we are featuring the adorable Etsy shop, A Thread of Grace.  Mary, the mastermind behind A Thread of Grace, sent us some pacifier bags to review and we both fell in love with our amazing new bags!  
These bags are awesome!  They allow you to carry your little one's pacifiers everywhere you go, which I have to tell you that they were such a blessing when we were traveling back to Iowa to see family.  No lost pacifiers on the plane, on day trips, and at Grandma's house!  These pacifier bags come with a linking clip, so you can attach it to car seats, strollers, purses, or anywhere else---NO more digging  around your purse for the pacifier while your little one is having a major meltdown!  

These products are pre-washed, which means you can throw them in with your regular laundry and they will not shrink.  When you have little ones, that is the last thing you want to worry about!  And not only that, but these bags can grow with the child.  They can be used as pacifier bags, and then can be used as a small-sized snack bag while out running errands, to hold crayons while out to dinner, or even to carry dog treats around when your kids are old enough to take out the dog!  Think about all the money you save when you don't have to grab a new Ziploc bag every time you head out the door.  I think this is A MUST for all moms, especially for the great price that she has them listed for. Most importantly, using and reusing keeps plastic out of our landfills and oceans.  What a great way to teach kids about our stewardship of our environment.

For this giveaway, A Thread of Grace is giving away a combination set of a pacifier bag AND a 10x10  machine washable wet bag.  And there will be TWO winners---one set for a girl and one set for a boy!  So make sure and get your entry in below.  Also, in addition, A Thread of Grace is offering our readers a special 15% discount with code:  CHIRPINGMOMS.  So make sure to head over to her adorable, she has wonderful products to check out and we highly recommend her shop to all our readers! (And don't forget to scroll down and see our second giveaway!)

I have had two "winter" babies and one of the things you need is something to help keep them warm in the stroller/car seat when you head out on those COLD winter days!!!!  A wonderful online seller, Baby Love Burp Cloths, shared with each of us a snuggler set, which includes a stroller blanket and a super soft hat for our little ones.  And once again, as you can see in the picture with my son Aiden, these can grow with you as baby gets older:)


The stroller blankets and hats are made out of polar fleece, which means they are SUPER soft!  They are so adorable and will be just perfect for our walks as the weather starts to turn colder.  Baby Love Burp Cloths was created by Margaret, who started sewing burp cloths when she was pregnant with her first baby, seventeen years ago.  Since then, she has given her adorable products to friends, family, and church folks to help celebrate the addition of new ones.  Her brother and wife recently had their first child and she was inspired to start selling some of her own items at farmer's markets and with her online shop.  Check out some other great items in Baby Love Burp Cloths shop here (including burp clothes, green cleanies, and receiving blankets) and you can also follow her on Facebook here to keep updated with her latest products.  

For this awesome giveaway, Baby Love Burp Cloths is giving away one boy burp cloth and one girl burp cloth.  So once again, we will have TWO lucky winners!   

You have until tomorrow night to win these two prizes so make sure to get your entries in and share the details with all your friends!  And make sure to come back tomorrow to see another FABULOUS day of baby week!

We were not compensated for this post, however we did receive items for review from Thread of Grace & Baby Love Burp Clothes.

We have our winners!

Girl bags: Lynsey Moore
Boy bags: Jess K

Girl burp clothes: Ashley Angelico
Boy burp clothes: Sarah Benson


July 27, 2012

Photo Displays, Water Bottles, and Sponsor Call!

Happy Friday!!!!  

We have lots to share today, so set back with your beverage of choice and enjoy some reading!  First, we decided to link up to the amazing Kelly's Korner today and show some ways that we display pictures around the house!  Courtney had this in her previous house in Durham, NC and is trying to figure out where she can recreate this in her new house up here in NJ.  The photo collage contains pictures of their family and is oh SO adorable, don't you think?

 I LOVE pictures and have lots scattered throughout the house because they just make me happy, but find it more difficult to display when you have little toddlers pulling everything off shelves and end tables!  Here are a couple ways that I display photos in our house.

In the picture on the left, I have displayed pictures on a window ledge in the dining room.  We had it empty for a long time and then one day I decided to put some pictures up there and I LOVE it (and for some lucky reason, the kids rarely pull these down!).  In the picture on the right, we have some wedding photos hanging right in our entry area/living room.  These black and white photos are my favorites!

One of my favorite DIY projects were these photo collages I made with some very simple Ikea picture frames!  These are usually hanging in our playroom (I have something that I need to fix on them so for the picture I just set them on the bookcase) above all our toys.  These pictures hold all my favorite shots of the boys from the past year and are a perfect addition to our playroom!

And for Friday Favorites today, it's going to be something really simple but oh so necessary to everyone's life.  A WATER BOTTLE!  I know that I need to drink more water, but for some reason, I just can't get myself to do it.  I was inspired when I was in Iowa visiting my bestie's house and she pulled one of these water bottles out of the refrigerator after our run.  Once I tried it out, I knew this may be the solution to my problem!  The Camelbak water bottle do NOT leak-important when you throw into your bag that goes everywhere you go.  It has a bite valve and allows you to drink from a straw, which I really like.  It has several pretty color choices (purple, blue, lime green, pink, orange, etc.).  And the water bottle is BPA free and shatterproof (important when you have little ones that manage to find their hands on everything you own)!

While I was out shopping in Iowa, I found a really cool Hawkeyes one that I just had to have to show my alumni spirit.  The next week, after returning home to New Jersey, I was out at Target with my two boys when little Andrew kept shouting for "wa-wa".  I handed him my water bottle, major tantrum started, water bottle was thrown to ground (unbeknown to be me), and this mommy knew it was time to get out.  We checked out and headed to our car (with some major toddler fussing, you all know what I'm talking about) and arrived home...with NO water bottle.  I was SO disappointed---no more Hawkeyes Camelbak water bottle.  So I immediately raced to Amazon and ordered this purple beauty (free 2-day shipping with Prime, thank you!) and I now own this purple beast (Purple Camelbak Better Bottle, 0.75 Litre):

And just so you know, Target called (after I left them a sad message about my water bottle) and they found my missing water bottle so now I own two of these amazing things.   So moral of this whole story---go get this water bottle, you will not be disappointed, and it will help you stay hydrated!!!

And last, but not least, for all our fellow bloggers out there, we do have some sponsor spots open for next month and are giving 50 PERCENT off for anyone interested if you use the code CHIRP50.  Click on our Sponsor Us page at the top for more information and send us an email at thechirpingmoms(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions!  We would LOVE to have you over here for the month of August!!!

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July 26, 2012

A Post from GMA's Advice Guru: Liz Pryor

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Pryor at an event in New York City. She was participating in a panel for Samsung's "Make Your House Work". Liz is Samsung's parenting expert. After the panel, she & I got to talking about the importance of children helping out around the house, even at a young age. She offered to write a guest post to help all of our readers with this very important topic. 

Liz Pryor is Good Morning America's Advice Guru as well as an author & Mom of 3 young teenagers.  Please visit with any & all parenting questions. She is a big help with parenting tips!


 By: Liz Pryor

I’m so excited to have been asked to write a piece for the chirping moms. I receive hundreds of letters from parents every week,  and the opportunity to offer my two cents to an entire group with very young children is an enticing opportunity for me.
So many of the questions I hear come from parents of children who are older, who find themselves battling against the things they wish they’d instilled when the kids were young. One of the more common issues is in the area of helping around the house, and pitching in as members of the family. It’s maddening for parents who have worked hard to provide their children good lives, who have schlepped, and fed, and cooked, and done it all; to find themselves at their wits end with the lack of contribution their kids make within the home.
It’s easy to forget I guess, that children are creatures of habit, just as we are. They do what they know, what they’re used to, and become accustomed to the daily patterns we instill.  One of the many traps parents fall in, is imagining that because our children turn a certain age, look to be old enough to handle certain chores, that they will do them.  That they will suddenly behave like the responsible people we hope to be raising. It doesn’t work that way.  Responsibility, accountability, competence graciousness doesn’t automatically arrive with a certain age. It comes with wise parenting, thoughtful teaching, and consistency.   My motto is, the younger the better. I heard my thirteen-year-old son’s friend say to him the other day, how long have you been taking out that trash?  My son answered, “Ever since I can remember”. And I thought, Good!
One day, believe it or not, your 2 year-old, 3 year old, 5-year-old children will actually become teenagers.  Yep, the big annoying kids at the park will one day be your kids, who by nature can be rebellious, contentious, contrarian and otherwise temporarily-impossible to be around.  Imagine the beauty of having already done the groundwork for their tasks in the home.  Imagine what you get to bypass by paying attention early. To be able to get your child to understand that being a part of a family comes with some sort of contribution on their part. It’s a goal worth its weight in gold. 
It’s not that throwing out the trash, or folding laundry is so enormously important. The gift as I call it, and it is a gift; is far greater than the tasks.  It’s about teaching them the behaviors of responsibility and productivity and a sense of pride. They will call upon this experience for the rest of their lives.
            How young can we begin?  Can your child walk?  Okay just kidding.  My thought is to begin paying attention to the entire concept by age 2.   A lot of women say that kids this age are willing participants in their daily tasks but it can become frustrating as the children’s willingness to do our work at home slows us down.  This is true, and where we want to work on our patience and remember that everything in life that is really great takes time and hard work. 
Here are a few ideas’ to get you pointed in the right direction-

1. AGE 2
-Make a place for your young child to be near where you’re doing your daily tasks. Set them up with their own version of your work
If it’s folding laundry; give them the same items each time. Keep it all in a basket nearby, and let them go at it, same place every day.
-Same thing applies to the kitchen- find something to give them that matches what you are doing. Put them in the same place each day. When you have the time and patience go ahead and make them a real part of the chore if you can.
Let them pour in the soap, take things out of the dryer, water the plants with you, help feed the dog.  It all takes time, but it will be well worth it later. At this age it’s about the child knowing what you do, and being familiar with how it’s done.

2.    AGE 3 almost 4
You’ll now notice your children have been watching you and know more than you think. Find one thing they can actually do that helps you, and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. And be consistent throughout the week with it.  
-Separate light from dark clothes for the laundry.
- Wash vegetables or fruits in a bowl in the sink at mealtime.   
-Refill the toilet paper roll
-Put water in the dog’s bowl
-Swat flies on the porch
-Pick up toys in playroom

Find your way, the way that works for your sanity, but find something, and stick with it.

3.     AGE 4 and 5
Real chores can now come into play.  This is your opportunity to take a totally willing participant and find something they can do for the house and family-team during the day.  Their sense of accomplishment will astound you. Write the responsibility on a chalk or bulletin board with your child’s name on it and refer to it when the time comes to get it done. 

-Empty office, bedroom or playroom trash into big trash bag
-Organize the art bin or marker box or toys or puzzles
- Collect the laundry from the hamper
-  Get the napkins and placemats and put them on the table at      mealtime. 
-Turn off all the lights that don’t need to be on
 -Get the mail
-Get the paper from out front
-Cut coupons
-Water the plants
 Something they can do everyday that is their very own responsibility is ideal.   

The idea is for you and your child to have an understating that even at this very young age, they are expected to contribute as part of the family team.  Your attitude about house hold work and family responsibilities sets the tone for the entire family, so be aware of your negativity when it comes to doing the things that need to be done.  You want a “Gitter done” attitude as opposed to “oh wow this is awful”.
Try to remember that the bottom line to decent mindful parenting is so much more about staying connected to, and following your instincts, rather than following rules.  As you may realize by now, there are no actual rules when it comes to effective parenting, it truly is what works for you and your family.  Take guidelines and let them point you in a direction, but you are the master of what will work in your home. If you’re mindful, thoughtful, and find your patience, most of the time, you’re on your way---Happy chore-ing. 

Mommy-Brain Mixer Link Up

First of all, don't forget to check our giveaways tab at the top of our page---we have THREE to enter and some of them end TONIGHT!!!

Now, friends, I think we have a new reason to celebrate Thursdays!

I love link-ups and blog hops, don't you? Many times during the week I find myself searching for something social going on in the blog world, and Thursdays just seem a little drab! So...

I've decided to start a new party!

If you haven't noticed, one of my favorite things to do here at Two In Diapers is to share stories about motherhood and my littles. One of my favorite things about sharing these stories is your comments with stories of your own children!


At the Mommy-Brain Mixer, we will be linking up our writings about anything and everything motherhood!

We want to see funny posts, serious posts, sweet & sappy stories, mommy-brain episodes, memories from when your older children were younger, thoughts & lessons learned, and anything related to motherhood or little people. You know that post you wrote yesterday about your teething baby? Or that hilarious post you wrote about your 2nd grader's school play? Those are perfect, so link 'em up! 

The Mommy-Brain Mixer is the perfect place to find some great new blogs to follow, make some wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy some entertaining new reads!

To make things even more fun, my friend Mar, over at Raising Bean, is hosting a sister link-up for you to join, too!

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July 25, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

So we are VERY EXCITED to link up to our FIRST EVER Stop and Smell the Roses Vlog!  We got together this morning for lots of playing, snacking, and to make our first video.  (Don't laugh, we really know what we are doing!)
So check out our video to see a sneak peek into our children

Check out the House of Rose blog to see other awesome vloggers out there.  Thanks for watching and remember to come back tomorrow for a fantastic guest post!!!!

Stop and Smell the Roses


Where to Wednesday: Nantucket

Last week Maggie & I traveled to Nantucket, MA. We went to visit friends who have a house on the island. It was a wonderful trip for a number of reasons.
From the time Maggie was born, until 10 months ago, she had my undivided attention ALL day, every day. It's been a wonderful, but very hectic 10 months as a mom of two. I love having two, but sometimes wish for a couple of days, I could give each of my girls their own time. This summer I was lucky enough to do that with each of them. When Alex had surgery earlier this summer, my mom took Maggie for 3 days. For the first time since she was born I got to have time just me & Alex. It was so nice to be able to do that. Then, last week, my mom took Alex so I could take Maggie on a little getaway to Nantucket. It was really cool to have 4 days of one on one time with Maggie. I feel very blessed to have gotten some time alone with each of my girls this summer.
Maggie & I are very lucky to have been invited on a wonderful trip for our "one on one" time. Our friends, Meghan & Brinker, were the world's best hosts & we really had an awesome week. I had a chance to see a whole bunch of friends throughout the week that were also visiting Meghan & Brinker.

Nantucket is really a great place to bring kids/ a family vacation. It is very quiet & relaxing. The beaches are some of my favorite I have ever been. I took Maggie for a walk on the beach one afternoon & we were the only ones in sight at one point. The center of town has such fun kids stores, book stores & bakeries! Also, there are lots of families around so there are a number of options for family friendly dinning. We also lucked out & happened to be there while a carnival was visiting the island.

A fun travel accessory for the trip: These adorable luggage tags from Preppy Chick!
Maggie is just starting to recognize her name spelled out so she was very excited to put this on her bag. Be sure to check out Preppy Chick's shop. She has adorable luggage tags and SO much more.

Some highlights of the trip:

Maggie LOVES airplanes. She was thrilled that we were getting to fly somewhere. To her surprise, we got to walk off the plane on the jetway at the airport. Also, it is a very small airport with a lot of tiny planes that were all parked where we were walking in. Maggie was in heaven.
Getting to sleep in bunk beds for the first time.
Finding lots of shells on Dionis Beach:
 Baking cupcakes with Meghan. 

Be sure to check out all 3 giveaways we have going on right now AND check back tomorrow for a very exciting guest post!


July 24, 2012

How to Make A Skirt (Very Easily)

I love sewing. My mom taught me last summer right before Alex was born. As you can imagine, I have not had a ton of time to perfect this new hobby, since juggling two very little ones. I am terrible at following patterns. One of the few things I can make are skirts. I have made a ton of them.

I saw a few tutorials online & combined all of them with a pattern my mom tried to show me how to follow. I came up with this step by step guide on how to make a skirt. I do a lot of it from memory so if you have questions or it seems like I skipped something please ask!

Also, I have made the pattern really small for doll clothes and really REALLY small for Barbie clothes. It's also a great idea to start out making a few doll size skirts so you don't waste fabric learning on regular sized skirts.

I have made these skirts in all types of fabric (I love making them with corduroy for fall). I have added: ric rac, ribbon, 2 rows of ribbon, buttons, etc. That is my favorite part about making these.



  • About 1/4 yard of fabric
  • Elastic. Try & get "non roll" elastic. Select the width you like for the band. I usually use .75"    
  • Approximately 40" of ric rac or ribbon for the trim
  • Thread


            Measure their waist & add about 1/2" for the elastic
            Take their waist measurement & length you would like it from waist to knee

Cutting Fabric:

          Cut the fabric waist X length. Add 1" to the waist measurement & 2" to the length measurement
          when cutting.
          Cut TWO of these

Add the ribbon, ric rac, etc. Pin it where you would like it on the skirt & sew it onto the skirt.

Place the fabric right sides together & sew down the 2 sides. 

Sew the hem on the bottom: Decide which end is going to be the bottom. This is where I tell you the IRON will be your best friend for this skirt. Iron around the bottom folding up about 1/4" from the bottom. Then fold up about another 1/2". Iron well & pin. Sew. This is your hem.

Make the space for the elastic to go in: On the top of the skirt, fold & iron 1/4". Fold down another 1" & iron. Sew. Leave about 1" open when sewing around the top for a spot to feed in the elastic.

Put a safety pin at the end of the elastic & use that to grip the elastic while you feed it through the space at the top (the folded over part you just sewed). Once it is through the whole skirt, take out the safety pin & sew the 2 ends of the elastic together. Then sew over the 1" you left open at the top.

Now admire the beautiful skirt you just made for your daughter (or her dolls or Barbies). You can also use this pattern to now make an awesome skirt in your size too!

Remember, I tried to make this as easy as possible but I would love to help if you have any questions so ask away.

While working on writing this tutorial, I sent some skirts to some fellow bloggers. Keep an eye out today in the social media world for some of their darling little girls wearing one of my skirts!

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