The Chirping Moms: 5 More Valentine Crafts for Kids!

January 31, 2013

5 More Valentine Crafts for Kids!

1. Potato Heart Stamp Wreath:  I LOVE how this turned out!  Start by cutting a potato in half and cut out a heart using a knife--it doesn't have to be perfect, see above!  I cut out several potato heart stamps for the project.  Roll out a big piece of white paper and let the child stamp away.  We also used cookie cutters and dot paints to fill our paper with all sorts of colors.  Let dry and cut out several small hearts.  Cut out a wreath from construction paper.  Glue the hearts onto the paper wreath and you have an adorable Valentine wreath!
 2.  Mail A Hug:  We were trying to think of some great Valentine ideas that we could send in the mail to Grandma and Grandpa (all who live far away, so it has to stay flat and easy to mail!).  We rolled out a big piece of white paper and I let Aiden color away using crayons.  After he tired from coloring, we traced his hands (he was pretty insistent on helping!).  We cut the hands out, punched a hole in each hand, and tied a piece of yarn through the hands to make a "mailable hug"!

3.  Pasta Hearts:  First, I dyed some wagon wheel pasta that has been sitting in the cupboard for awhile.  To dye the pasta, I put the dried pasta into a bowl.  In the bowl, I added approximately a tablespoon of vinegar and about 10-15 drops of red food coloring.  We let it dry overnight.  Then, I just drew a heart onto a piece of paper.  The boys glued the pasta shells right onto the heart using white glue.  This would be a perfect activity for both toddlers and preschoolers, both the boys had a blast!


4. Block Handprints: I love making hand prints for holiday decor. This time I got small square "block style" canvas at the craft store & made these. Pretty easy - paint the canvas pink & do red handprints!

5. Valentine Heart Chain: Use red, pink & white pipe cleaners to make a heart shaped chain. Make one heart by bending the pipe cleaner into shape & then loop the next one through & make your next heart. This would look cute hanging in a doorway, on the back of a chair or one your little one's bedroom door!

We also have another post of 5 more FUN valentine crafts for kids here!


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  1. Hi Courtney,

    Newest follower via the hop.

  2. Love the mailable hug, great idea! And the vday decor, so simple. Thanks for these craft ideas. They are such a good way to hang out with my son n help him learn!

  3. Hi,
    I'm dropping by from the Aloha hop. My niece was looking over my shoulder and we agree that the potato stamp idea rocks. I'll be trying it with my girls when I get home!

  4. I'd love to have you share these cute kids crafts at What to Do Weekends Party on my blog. Would follow on Twitter or Google+ but I couldn't find the buttons. Take care, Linda

  5. I love the idea for making a heart potato stamp! Thanks for linking up @ Inspiration Spotlight I hope to see you again soon! Theresa
    Have a great weekend ahead!


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