The Chirping Moms: Where to Wednesday: A Valentine's Day Chocolate Making Party

January 16, 2013

Where to Wednesday: A Valentine's Day Chocolate Making Party

One of my favorite birthday parties as a kid was my 6th birthday, when my mom had a chocolate making party for me. When the girls & I attended the opening of the Land of Nod Toy Shop, they got a kit to make chocolate owl lollipops. It was really easy, they had fun & it reminded me of that birthday party. 
I decided it would be fun to have a Valentine's chocolate making party with some of our friends. Well, if my mom was crazy for having a 1st grade class over to make chocolate, I was even more crazy for having 18 kids 4 & under to do the same! Our dining room was a chocolate disaster, but it was worth it. Everyone had fun & had some delicious treats to take home. 
This could also be a fun ladies night & you could make Valentine's for the kids classes (or for yourselves). It would be a lot less of a mess & it's an easy enough project that wine can certainly be involved (wine can also be involved when toddlers are painting your chairs in chocolate too). 
I bought the molds & chocolate from AC Moore. I also got lollipop sticks & plastic bags there. 
In addition to the chocolate lollipops, I bought pretzel rods & big marshmallows. For these, the kids can simply dip them into the chocolate & then dip into different sprinkles. 
Chocolate for melting
Chocolate molds
Lollipop sticks
Pretzel rods
Various sprinkles
Small plastic bags (to put treats in)
Cut yarn or ribbon to tie bags
Plastic spoons
Baby wipes
To melt the chocolate, I borrowed a double boiler from Julie & then made my own using a metal bowl over a pot. You can also microwave it to melt it. 
Then I poured the chocolate into small bowls & gave the kids plastic spoons to scoop the chocolate into the molds. If you use the microwave still pour the chocolate into a different bowl so it's not so hot. 
Once they fill the molds, help them put in the lollipop sticks & put into the fridge. The chocolate covered pretzels & marshmallows don't have to do in the fridge. While their chocolate cooled, the kids ran around & had some non sugar snacks, in attempt to counteract all of the "sampling" that went on while making the chocolates! 
It was a lot of fun & an easy party. It sure is a messy party though (note the lack of "after pictures").
Have fun!
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  1. How fun! I've been making those pops for all of our parties and love how such fun molds are available. Loving all the crafts ladies!

  2. Neat idea! So great that you are so organized getting everything together and looks like fun :)
    Visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer.

  3. This looks like tons of fun, and a great big tasty mess to clean up if you invite lots of kids to participate :) You sure are one brave mama! Thanks for joining us at the mixer this week.

  4. I feel like I just hit the jackpot finding your blog! So many great ideas! New follower!

  5. Such a lovely idea. I'm featuring you today for the Weekly Kids Co Op


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