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February 15, 2013

Favorite iPad Apps for Toddlers

We are excited to bring you a great guest post from one of our blog sponsors, Andrea from Glam Hungry Mom!  She has a great great post about iPad apps for little ones.  I LOVE some of the ideas and have already purchased a few for the little techies in our household, which will really come in handy when this baby arrives.  Thanks so much Andrea for sharing your fabulous ideas!

Hello everyone!  I'm Andrea Bai, a football wife and modern mom, and I blog at Glam Hungry Mom.  I am a self-proclaimed foodie, beauty obsessed, fashion loving, family woman who believes makeup and style are art forms, and creating recipes is considered therapeutic.  I love to live a mostly healthy lifestyle and follow the 80/20 rule.  However, you are sure to find some indulgences sure to please.  I love sharing my family's favorite products and companies as I discover them.  

Our children have become the children of technology.  My son knows how to work my iPad better than I do!  In the beginning, I was a little weary of giving my son my iPad.  However, after discovering so many great interactive and educational apps I am more han happy to let my son have some iPad time.  

Here are some of my favorites (Most of the apps are compatiable with the iPhone too):

Favorite iPad Apps for Toddlers || The Chirping Moms

1.  Endless ABC - This is by far my favorite app of the moment.  My three-year old son loves learning the different letters of the alphabet.  When he clicks on a letter, cute little monsters teach him phonics and the words they form. The game plays a little like a puzzle where the child drags the letters to their correct spot in a word.  After a word is correctly formed, the adorable monsters act out the meaning of the word.  How cute is that? The animations engage my son in educational learning and help him feel a sense of accomplishment. He has been learning new words and their meaning everyday while playing a captivating game.

2.  Elmo Loves ABCs - What child doesn't love learning with Elmo?  My son unlocks Sesame Street video clips after correctly tracing letters.  This app isn't just tracing, there are songs, coloring pages, and games to keep your child interested.  One of my favorite parts of this apps is the ability to track your child's progress.

3.  Baby Piano HD - The colors are the first thing that grabs my son's attention.  After he starts making music with the keys he's hooked.  I love how he can be exposed to creating music at such an early age. He might not know how to play songs, but I can see his love for music blossom.  Switching to the animal sounds mode always brings out the cutest giggles.

4.  Little Fox Music Box - I couldn't resist not having another early music education app.  Children can learn classic songs like "London Bridge" and "Old MacDonald" with Little Fox.  The graphics are so beautiful and detailed for each song.  The app is so detailed that each little animal comes to life with a touch of a finger.

5.  PBS Kids - This app is pretty straight forward.  Your child can watch their favorite PBS shows with this app.  Perfect if you're out of the house or want the tv to yourself.  Shows like "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," "Dinosaur Train," "Wild Kratts," and more are viewed at a simple swipe.

6.  Disney Junior - Disney Junior hosts some of my son's favorite shows like "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," "Doc McStuffins," and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" to name a few.  We love being able to watch these shows on the go.

7.  Potty Time With Elmo - I have mixed feelings on this app, but it helped keep my son's attention with learning about potty time.  While we were potty training we would play this app.  The music and animations kept my son entertained while teaching him about going potty and washing your hands.  99.9% of the time we would use the app in "read to me" so we never really used the interactive parts of the app.  However, watching Elmo go potty really helped push him to want to use the big boy potty.

8.  Netflix - I know you know about Netflix.

9.  Goodnight Safari - A beautiful lullaby of bedtime story.  Goodnight Safari is a great bedtime story with gorgeous illustrations you would expect to find in your favorite children's books.  The interactions of the app don't stem from loud noises or bright colors.  Instead they are a calming way to say goodnight to each safari animal.

10.  The Monster At The End Of The Book - One of my favorite books comes to life.  My son turns the pages, tickles Grover, knocks down bricks, and more with this app.  This app really enhances a great book into an experience.

11.  Another Monster At The End Of The Book - Everything you love about The Monster At The End Of The Book plus the joy of Elmo.  Twice the fun and twice the giggles.

12.  Nick Jr. Draw and Play HD - Let your child get their creative juices flowing with coloring, painting, stickers, and effects for custom work made by your little artist.  There are so many different brushes and patterns for kids to make their work their own.  Characters like Dora and the Bubble Guppies are there to encourage your children and guide them through animated tutorials.

I hope you guys enjoy some of my family's favorite apps.  Thank you so much to The Chirping Moms for letting me guest post today.  Don't forget to stop by and say "hello" to me over at Glam Hungry Mom.




  1. Oh I have some of those apps on my Ipad for my little one. One favourite is TomCat. My daughter loves apps that talks back to you! Great post.


  2. When my kids were little I opened up MS Word and let them type away. We have come so far in the last 10 years. My husband made a skip-counting card game app for kids. Once they can count well they can play.


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