The Chirping Moms: Fun With Yogurt Paint

May 2, 2013

Fun With Yogurt Paint

I think spring is finally here to stay. We had those few days in the 70's last month where the kids immediately put on swim suits & ran as fast as they could outside to the water tables. Then the next day it was back to 40 degrees & rained for days. Once we broke out the swim suits, my kids wanted to wear them everyday. We wore them for dance parties, "swim lessons" in the bath tub & then when we were running out of things to do indoors in our bathing suits, we painted the shower & tub with yogurt! I originally got the idea for yogurt paint from one of my favorite bloggers, Jellibean Journals. 
It's so easy to make & doesn't have to be used in the tub. It's a fun outdoor finger painting project too. 
It's also pretty tasty. As you can see, my kids faces are covered in it from "sampling" each color. 
Fun With Yogurt Paint || The Chirping Moms
Food coloring
Use about 1/2 cup yogurt to 1 drop of food coloring. Stir & paint!
Fun With Yogurt Paint || The Chirping Moms
Please note that food coloring can stain. We took a bath immediately after this so the coloring didn't stain their bathing suits or skin. Don't wear your favorite clothes for this project & don't do it right before family portraits!
Fun With Yogurt Paint || The Chirping Moms
Fun With Yogurt Paint || The Chirping Moms


  1. They are so cute :)

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  2. Super fun! Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday. Sincerely,

  3. That's so easy and cute! I'm featuring this post tonight at Mom's Library. Hope to see your links again in the future!


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