The Chirping Moms: Turkey Frame Craft and Teaching Kids about "Giving"

November 14, 2013

Turkey Frame Craft and Teaching Kids about "Giving"

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First, I want to share a fun Thanskgiving craft to do with your littles!

Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids : The Chirping Moms

Thanksgiving Turkey Frame

Supplies Needed:
  • Plain Wooden Frame;
  • Brown Paint and Paintbrushes
  • Feathers
  • Google Eyes
  • Glue Gun
  • Foam Triangle Sticker

1.  Paint the frame brown. (We added a little glitter glue just for fun!)
2.  Decorate to look like a turkey.  Add feathers.  Add google eyes, a little triangle beak, and any other fun craft items that you would like!
Fun Thanksgiving Craft for Kids : The Chirping Moms

Now, we have talked a lot about being "thankful" in this house leading up to Thanksgiving.  You may remember my Thankful display that the boys are adding leaves to.  I love hearing what something new that are thankful for every night.  Going to school.  Daddy coming home early.  Warm blankets.  A good dinner.  Can I get an amen for all of those?!  

As Thanksgiving and holiday season approach, I also wanted my children to think a little more about "giving".  One easy way that we can help give to others is by giving things that we don't use anymore to people that will use them.  Trust me, we have the stuff to give.  Old clothes.  Toys that aren't played with anymore.  Holiday decorations that have nowhere to go.  Shoes we have outgrown.  Every once in awhile, I look around our house and realize that I need to purge.  Right before the holidays is the perfect time to clean through and clear out the old toys!  It makes the house feel a little more clean right before you bring out the holiday decorations and makes some a little space for the new toys that may be coming in.  

I found the perfect book to read with your kids before you just start cleaning through and packing up old toys.  We are big Berenstain Bears readers in our house (and watch the show as well) and as a mom, I love the little life lessons that are portrayed in each book.  The Berenstain Bears: Think of Those in Need teaches kids that many of us (including my household!) have too much stuff.  It's not bad to have things, but you just don't need so much.  The Bear family cleans through their house finding things that they may not use or play with and then donate to different places in their community that may need items.  It's a great lesson on making our little ones more aware of others' in their community and teach them social responsibility.  After reading the book, it was a lot easier to clean through our toys and pick out some that we may not use often but that someone else may enjoy!  Our toys are boxed up and ready to be donated after a full clean through last week.

Thanksgiving Activity : The Chirping Moms

Happy Thanksgiving Season!



  1. Great post and suggestions on teaching kids to give!

  2. Love the frames and thanks for the book suggestion, adding it to our library list!

  3. Adorable! Thanks for sharing at our Mommy Club Resources and Solution party last week! Hope to see you there again!


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