The Chirping Moms: 8 Valentine's Day Cards and Crafts for Kids

January 16, 2014

8 Valentine's Day Cards and Crafts for Kids

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1. Heart In Hand
Valentine's Day Kid Craft : The Chirping Moms
How To:
Trace your child's hand on construction paper. Cut out & glue a heart in the middle. I made a card with each of the girls' hands as a Valentine for Dad! 
2. Beary-Cute Gummy Bear Valentine + Free Printable!
Valentine's Day Printable : The Chirping Moms
How To:
Fill a plastic bag with some gummy bears. Print out the Valentine card below (free printable). Punch a hole in the top & tie on the bag of gummy bears. This makes a great school Valentine!

To Print: Click on the image below, then right click & open in a new window. You can either save it or print it from there. Make sure you scale it down when printing, so it's the size you want for the bag of gummy bears you will be using. 

You are Bear-y Sweet

3. Make Your Own Valentine's Play Dough
Valentine's Day Playdough : The Chirping Moms
How To:
Mix 2 cups of cornstarch, 1.5 cups of hair conditioner & 5 to 10 drops of red food coloring. Mix everything together with your hands until dough forms. 
4.  Baby Footprint Art, Pitter Patter Print
This is a special "baby" craft that you can turn into a wonderful piece of art, thanks to Pitter Patter Print.  Use your baby's or toddler's unique footprints and turn them into a work of art.  This would make a wonderful gift for moms, fathers, and new parents and for all of our readers, you can use coupon code:  CHIRP10 to save 10% off your entire order through Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day Baby Gift : The Chirping MomsBaby Gift Idea : The Chirping Moms

5.  Shrinky Dink Valentine Charms

Valentine's Day Kid Craft : The Chirping Moms
How To:
 Cut out shapes from Shrinky Dinks paper (Remember it will shrink down to a much smaller size!).  For Valentine shapes, we used our heart punch to create heart-shaped charms.  Decorate the paper using Sharpies.  Punch a hole in the paper before placing in oven.  Follow the directions that came with the Shrinky Dink paper to bake in an oven and have the "charms" shrink.  Let cool and string on ribbon to create a necklace!  These would make a great gift for grandmas, friends, and you could make a fun keychain for Daddy as well!
6.  Conversation Heart Frames
Valentine's Day Conservation Heart Frame : The Chirping Moms
How To:
Buy a plain wooden frame from the craft store (I found this one for a dollar at Michael's.).  Have the child paint the frame using craft paint.  Use craft glue or a glue gun (with parental assistance) to adhere the heart candies to the frame.  My boys had as much fun crafting as eating! 
7.  Cupcake Heart Banner
Valentine's Day Kid Craft : The Chirping Moms
How To:
 Cut a long piece of string or twine for desired length.   Flatten mini-cupcake wrappers.  Fold in half over the string and glue together.  Continue until the banner is complete.  What a fun and easy decoration that your children can help create!

8.  Thoughtfulls Pop-Open Cards
Valentine's Day Cards : The Chirping Moms
These pop-open cards would make a fun and easy valentine for kids to send to their close family and friends.  The kids can write a short message on the back and send it on to someone special.  What a wonderful surprise when the recipient pops it open to see a sweet love message!



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