The Chirping Moms: Fun Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Little Love Bugs

January 16, 2014

Fun Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Little Love Bugs

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As I started to think of some Valentine's Day crafts to do with my girls, I realized most of my ideas were "bug related". We had so much fun making last year's Valentines for our family, I think I still had "Love Bugs" on my mind. 

Bee Mine Bumble Bee
How To:
Cut yellow circle, red heart, black triangle, 3 black strips & 2 white ovals out of construction paper. Have children assemble with glue. Finish by glueing on google eyes & writing "Bee Mine" in heart. 

Love-ly Caterpillar 
How To: 
Cut out a bunch of pink, white & red hearts. Glue onto pink paper in a row. Add a heart at the end for the caterpillar's head. Glue on google eyes & pipe cleaners antennas. 

Love Bug Masks
These adorable masks are from Opposite of Far

Fluttering Hearts Butterfly 
How To: 
Cut out 2 red hearts from construction paper folded in half. Have the bottom of the hearts at the paper's fold so they are attached. Glue paper doilies onto hearts. Glue a popsicle stick in the middle. Then glue on the heart head, eyes & antennas. 
DIY Valentine Antenna Headband 
How To: 
Cover a headband using pink ribbon & hot glue. Take a pipe cleaner & twist around the headband so it stands up like an antenna. Glue a heart at the top of the pipe cleaner. Repeat for the other antenna. I used glitter cardstock for the hearts, that I found in the scrapbook section of the craft store. 

Ladybug Love Bug
How To:
Cut out 6 black legs, a black circle, a red heart  & a large red circle out of construction paper. Have children put together the ladybug's body with glue. Then, have them glue on google eyes & black pom poms for the spots. Glue the red heart on one of the legs & write "Love Bug". 
For all of the small heart shapes shown in the crafts, I used a heart paper punch. It makes Valentine crafts very easy! 

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