The Chirping Moms: Easter DIY Crafts and Decor!

March 18, 2014

Easter DIY Crafts and Decor!

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Today, we are sharing some fun and festive Easter decor ideas for your house.  Some of them are DIY while others are some great finds from small online shops!  First, we are sharing our DIY crafts and the instructions on how to make the following three DIY Easter Crafts:  Make Your Own Bunny Wreath, DIY Bunny Pillow, and a fun Easter sign!  

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath || The Chirping Moms

1.  DIY Bunny Wreath
This craft looks a lot more complex than it is.  I found something similiar to this wreath for sale but I had a feeling that I could make it for a lot less money.  And I'm pretty impressed that it actually turned out!

Supplies Needed (I found all of these at my local craft store!):
Start by wrapping the first flower swag around the bigger wreath wire hanger for the wreath.  It will wrap around the wreath about 1 1/2 times.  Arrange as desired.  Cut the thin, flexible floral wire into about 1.5 inch pieces using the wire cutter and use these to tie the flower swag to the wire frame.  Tie several times until flower swag is secure.  Wrap the second flower swag around the smaller wire frame. It should wrap around twice.  Arrange as desired and use the thin, flexible floral wire to tie until secure.  Next, shape the ears with the thicker floral wire.  Leave some extra length at the bottom of the ears in order to attach to the head.  Attach the ears to the rabbit head.  (This takes a little muscle and maneuvering but I just bended the wire around part of the wire frame of the rabbit head.) Arrange the floral swag around each ear.  Cut to fit and secure using the thin floral wire.  Add any remaining floral swag to the rabbit body to give it more volume.  Secure the swag as needed using the thin floral wire.  Now, you have to attach the body to the head.  I just used the thin floral wire and wrapped it several times securing the head to the body.  Last, tie the sheer wired ribbon around the bunny's neck into a bow!

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath || The Chirping Moms

DIY Easter Bunny Pillow || The Chirping Moms

2.  DIY Bunny Pillow
This craft can be done in 30 minutes or less!  (Trust me, all my crafts need to be quick and simple with three little ones running under foot)  

Supplies Needed:  
  • Plain Pillowcase
  • Bunny Clip Art
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Gold Fabric Paint and Foam Paintbrush
  • Glue Gun and Glue
  • White Pom-Pom for Tail
First, you need to search on Google for "Bunny" clip art to find a shape that you like.  Enlarge the clip art to the desired size and print.  Cut out the bunny shape using the X-Acto knife (Use an old magazine or catalog to prevent damage to table).  Now place the paper onto the pillowcase (Slip a barrier into the pillowcase to prevent paint from running onto the back.  I used an old magazine again, but you could also use wax paper or something similiar).  Keep the stencil firm against the pillowcase and blot on the paint using the foam brush.  Let dry for several hours and repeat the painting process.  Once the second layer has dried, glue on the white pom-pom for the tail!

DIY Easter Bunny Pillow || The Chirping Moms

DIY Easter Sign || The Chirping Moms
3. DIY Door Sign
This is a very easy, fast project!

Supplies Needed
  • Wood Circle
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Stickers (I used Martha Stewart stickers from Michaels)

Paint the wood circle. Glue the ribbon to the back of the sign to make a loop. When paint it totally dry, add stickers. The Martha Stewart stickers are perfect because the letter almost look like fabric. 

Some more ideas for Easter Decor:

1.  Easter Printables from Panache Papery.  We love fun and festive printables in our households and the ones from Panache Papery are cute and sophisticated at the same time.  The easiest way to display printables is to print them on some heavy weight paper or card stock and matte and frame.  You can change printables out seasonally to add a nice touch to your house.  Throughout this week, we will share some other ideas that you can use with these printable downloads that Panache Papery provides.  There is really a lot of wonderful things that you can do with printables and I love the idea that you can just store them on the computer from year to year! 
Easter Decoration Ideas || The Chirping Moms

2.  Easter Banners from Photo Prop Me Up.  I love the Bunny Trail banner that I have received from Photo Prop Me Up!  I have already envisioned what Easter morning will look like in our house below...(I tested it out last night to give you a sneak peek!).  Our little "Bunny Trail" banner hanging in the doorway heading to the kitchen with little bunny tracks heading towards our family room where the Easter baskets laid.  (I made the bunny tracks with baby powder and the kids totally believe that the Easter bunny comes:)).  The Bunny Trail banner can be found at the Photo Prop Me Up shop along with several other great selections that are fun and festive for the Easter season.  
Easter Decoration Ideas || The Chirping Moms

3.  Table Runner from Fair Street Crafts.  Courtney's table is spring fever ready with her new table runner from Fair Street Crafts.  These table runners are made out of burlap with a fabric band on each side to bring some pop and color to your dining room table.  We love using table runners in our decor because they are easy way to bring just a little more color and personality to your table!  Fair Street Crafts is offering a great deal to our readers!  

Easter Decoration Ideas || The Chirping Moms

Happy Decorating this Easter Season.  Make sure to visit our Seasonal tab for all of our fun Easter posts and make sure to stay tuned all week long as Easter Week continues at The Chirping Moms! 



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  2. Love these ideas, especially that bunny wreath! So pretty. Thank you for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week's issue.

  3. So many adorable ideas! I absolutely love your bunny wreath:)

  4. love the decorations, esp the bunny trail sign and the burlap runner! Checking these neat ideas out from life created Tuesdays!


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