The Chirping Moms: Get Ready to Head Outdoors This Spring!

April 2, 2014

Get Ready to Head Outdoors This Spring!

Yes, it's something that we have all been waiting for.  The first signs of spring.  And we are finally seeing some signs:  birds chirping, spiders crawling, trees budding, and flowers blooming.  Spring has been in the air this week and we have spent all afternoon soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.  It's exactly what these three children and their mama need!

Spring means fresh air.  And it also means some new play clothes.  When I shop for clothes for the spring season, I look for items that are comfortable and playful.  RUUM American Kid's Wear brings a fun element to classic clothes for children age newborn to fourteen years old.  RUUM is a relatively new brand with 23 locations nationwide as well as their online store,!  RUUM clothes are perfect for outdoor play.  They are comfortable and casual, allowing kids to run around and have fun outside.  It's okay to get the clothes dirty because they can easily be washed in the machine.  And just look at these pictures, the bright colors just make you spring-happy!

There is a fun range of lines over at RUUM right now.  Courtney's girls are wearing skirts form the Girls Sweet Street line.  This girly and feminine, but yet sporty and active, collection is heavy on playful, bright prints that encourage mixing and matching.  Other girl lines include:  Lumi Girl and Arizona Dream.  Aiden's classic Pique Polo can be found in the New Wave line for Boys. This line pairs bright stripes and solids with playful graphics to give a coastal, casual look.   Other boys' lines include:  Sundance and All-American.

 I have to tell you, from mom to mom, that the prices are great over at RUUM and is a great store to stock up on play clothes.  You can shop the Spring Sale at RUUM with up to 40% off spring styles  or you can find some great deals on RUUM clothing right now on Zulily.  

And as we all hit the parks and playgrounds again this season in our new spring play clothes, it's time to get your family spring ready.  Today, we wanted to share 10 Tips For Heading Outdoors This Spring!

Tips for Heading Outdoors with Kids || The Chirping Moms

1.  Apply sunscreen.  This is one that I have to constantly remind myself during the springtime.  After the long winter's break, it's a great reminder to get that sunscreen out.
2.  Make sure helmets fit.  After not hitting the sidewalks for a few months, your child may have outgrown their helmet.  Make sure to get a proper sized helmet or adjust the straps so they are safe and ready!
3.  Don't forget the water bottles.  
4.  Pack a mini first-aid kit to grab and go.  Just today I was at the park with my son when his shoe was rubbing against his foot in just the right spot to start forming a blister.  And as an unprepared mommy, I had nothing to help him so I am adding this to my list.  Stock a mini first-aid kit with wipes, band-aids, neosporin, and possibly a few lollipops or stickers to help bring a smile on a hurt child's face!
5. Make sure you hit the bathroom before you go.  (And with potty-training children, carry a pull-up and/or plan to hit parks with available restrooms.) 
6.  Prep some Grab and Go Snack Packs to grab as you head out the door.  These could be snack-sized Ziplocs filled with various snacks, such as crackers/nuts/cereal or you could buy a few boxes of the small-sized bags of snacks just for these very moments.  
7. Remind kids of the general safety tips.  Watch out for cars at all times.  Don't cross sidewalks with out a parent.  Don't pet dogs unless given permission.  Do the whole stranger danger talk.   
8.  For moms of little ones (five and under), always take a stroller.  I don't know how many times we get to the park (we often walk the ten minutes) using scooters and bikes and after a full hour of play, everyone is tired and no one wants to ride their toy back home.  So I have learned to take the stroller no matter if no one is riding it on the way there because on the way home, you have a way to get those tired children home!
9.  This is for the moms.  Stock up on Oxi-Clean.  Welcome back stain season!
10.  Do a major happy-happy dance this spring because winter is FINALLY over!

Tips for Heading Outdoors with Kids || The Chirping Moms

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