The Chirping Moms: First Day of School Signs (FREE PRINTABLE)

August 27, 2014

First Day of School Signs (FREE PRINTABLE)

We love the seeing all of the "first day of school" pictures! It's fun to see the kids holding a sign showing what grade they are starting. It's makes such a cute, memorable picture. Maggie is starting her last year of preschool and it's great to look at the pictures from the past 2 years to see how much she's grown. Today we're sharing some FREE printables for the 1st day of school. To download, just click on the picture to make it larger and then "save" and print. Is there a grade you wish we posted? Leave it in the comments and we'll add more grades to the post, as requested. For more personalized signs, visit our Places to Shop tab for places to order personalized signs to download. Enjoy!



  1. Pre-k would be great ! Thanks for sharing on the board!

  2. 1st grade please! Thanks chicas! !! :-)

  3. 1st grade please!!! Thanks chicas!!! :-)

  4. Hi Courtney! Can you do a 2nd grade one...pretty please :)


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