The Chirping Moms: 30 Halloween Projects For Kids

September 18, 2014

30 Halloween Projects For Kids

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It's time to pull out the black and orange paint, pipe cleaners and construction paper! We're back with another year of fun Halloween projects for kids. We have some cute new crafts to share, and below those we've linked to some of our favorite Halloween projects from the last 2 years. If you click on the name of the craft, it will take you to the photos and instructions. These Halloween projects are easy for kids and a lot of fun! Happy Halloween crafting! 
1. Paper Plate Spider Web
Supplies: paper plate, black crayon, paint or markers, white yarn, glue and plastic spiders
Directions: Color or paint the paper plate black. Use glue to "draw" a spider web pattern on the black plate. Glue strips of yarn onto the web pattern. Last, glue some plastic spiders in place. 

2. Yarn Bat
Supplies: Orange or black construction paper, white paper, glue, small google eyes, black yarn cut into small pieces. 
Directions: Cut out a bat shape from the white paper. Glue onto the black/orange construction paper. Glue google eyes onto the bat's face. Cover the rest of the bat with glue and then stick on the pieces of black yarn. 
3.  Toilet Paper Ghost 
Supplies: Paper plate, 2 large google eyes, a black oval cut out of contraction paper (or draw onto plate with black marker), glue & toilet paper 
Directions: Glue google eyes and paper mouth onto the paper plate to make the ghost's face. Turn the plate over and glue long strips of toilet paper onto the back of the plate. Turn the plate back over & admire your spooky ghost! 

4. Black Cat Handprint 
Supplies: Black paint, white or orange paper, black construction paper, glue, small google eyes or white paint
Directions: Use the black paint to make the child's handprint on the white paper. Cut out a circle and 2 triangles from the black construction paper to make the cats head. Glue on google eyes or paint eyes with white paint. 

5. Candy Corn Handprint
Supplies: White paper, white, orange and yellow paint
Directions: Paint the child's hand the 3 colors of a candy corn (yellow, orange & white), make their handprint & you're done!

6. Glittery Paper Plate Pumpkin
Supplies: Paper plate, green paper, squares of orange tissue paper, glue, clear glitter glue, paint brush
Directions: Cut out a "stem" from the green paper and glue it onto the paper plate. Glue pieces of orange tissue paper (or orange paper) onto the plate. Paint over the whole plate with the glitter glue. 
7. Paper Candy Corn
Supplies: Orange, white, yellow, red & brown paper, glue & google eyes 
Directions: Cut out the shape of the candy corn using the orange paper. Cut out a yellow bottom & white top for the candy corn and glue onto the orange paper. Use the rest of the paper and google eyes to make a face. 

8. Candy Corn Counting
9. Flower Pot Witch
10. Yarn Spider
11. Cotton Ball Ghost 
12. Handprint Spider 
13. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins 
14. Personalized Witch Frame 
15. Pumpkin Pasta Man
16. Spider Treat Basket 
17. Ghost Masks 
18. Pumpkin Pie Pudding Paint 
19. Q-Tip Skeleton
20. Crayon Paper Pumpkin Masks 
21. Candy Corn Picture Frame
22. Frankenstein Door
23. Ghost Pops
24. Glow In The Dark Ghost Necklace 
25. Jack-O-Lantern Chocolate Bars 
26. Candy Corn Garland (make the craft using paper for easier painting for kids)
27. Black Cat Masks 
28. Paper Plate Pumpkins
29. Halloween Candy Bracelets 
30. Candy Corn Flower Pots 
Here are some more fun Halloween Pinterest finds:
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