The Chirping Moms: Having Fun With Back to School Style at Target

September 2, 2014

Having Fun With Back to School Style at Target

This is the first year that I'm taking one of my children back to school shopping. It's the first year my oldest, Maggie, gets the concept of "back to school" and the first year that she has an opinion on what she wears. She's so excited for the first day of school and asked me if she could pick out some of her own school clothes this year. As someone that loves to shop, I was thrilled to have a little shopping buddy to head to the store with to pick out clothes. So, one afternoon we left her little sister home with Dad and Maggie and I headed out for a special trip to Target to shop for school clothes. 
I knew Maggie was excited to get to pick out her own school clothes, but I could have never imagined how thrilled she would be to see what they had in stock this fall: a great selection of animal inspired kids' clothes and accessories! Maggie is a big animal lover. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. If she's not playing with her toy animals, she's pretending to be an animal herself. Her favorite animal is our Boston Terrier, Jersey. So she couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted a Boston Terrier dress when we first entered the girls' clothing section. She grabbed it and said "this is definitely for the first day of school"! She picked out cheetah print leggings and cheetah print tights so she can "run fast as a cheetah" on the playground. I loved watching her pick things out, even small things like cheetah tights. For Maggie, every little thing is a really big deal this back to school season, and it's so much fun to watch. 
To her surprise, she also found a Boston Terrier shirt and a cat dress. Next it was time for the accessories. She spent a long time looking at each and every item, but picked out two headbands to go with her school clothes: a Boston Terrier headband and a headband that looked like puppy dog ears. Maggie decided the puppy dog ears would be perfect with her back to school "animal outfits" and also for pretending to be a puppy when she played at home. She's been talking about these two accessories since we got them, and each night she makes sure they are on her dresser and ready for the 1st day of school. These dog headbands are a small detail for the school year ahead, but very important to my little lady. 
I can't believe Maggie is old enough to pick out her own school gear. She's so proud of what she picked and she can't wait to wear everything to school. As a mom, I was glad that there was a great selection at a great price. Target had everything we needed from dresses to socks and shoes. While I did give Maggie plenty of freedom to choose her favorite back to school style, she's still very little and needed help making sure we got other clothing essentials. For example, she picked out shirts and I would grab leggings that matched. 
I was happy to see that there were so many different styles for girls at Target. My little animal lover had plenty to choose from, but there were plenty of other styles for girls of all ages. 
Target has tons of great styles for boys too. #BTSwithTarget
It really was a lot of fun watching my little girl pick out school clothes for the first time. I can only hope the experience of actually getting out the door on the first day of school is as easy as picking out the clothes for school! My advice for back to school clothes shopping with kids: 
1. Set a limit ahead of time on how many clothing items they can pick
2. Decide on a limit for shoes and accessories too
3. After they pick a few special items, grab the other essentials yourself (tights, socks, etc)
4. Remember that every little thing really is a big deal for kids.
5. Have fun and embrace their style! 
Every little thing is a really big deal.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

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  1. Your girls are so cute! And they have great fashion sense.


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