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About Us

Hi!  We are Courtney and Julie, two moms and best friends who met at our neighborhood park a couple years ago.  Courtney had just moved here from North Carolina, right near where Julie's mom resides, so we instantly connected.  Both of us had two little ones at home at the time and lived right down the block from each other.  We quickly became friends, joined a playgroup together, and spent some wild adventures out and about with our little ones.  Last spring, the idea of "The Chirping Moms" originated and quickly took off!  On on our blog, we hope to share a little bit of our adventures in "mommy world".  We both are loving the connections that we are making in the blog world and the creative outlet that it brings to our "mama" lives!  Since the start of "The Chirping Moms" we sadly had to part as dear neighbors due to a job relocation for Julie's husband, but are thankful that the blog has helped us stay connected and in touch daily despite the distance.  Between us we have five little kids, five and under, and we both spend our days chasing around wild ones.  We hope you enjoy our blog as we share more into our daily adventures with little ones, craft and recipe ideas, our favorite tried and true products, and some great places to travel. 

About Courtney: 

I’m Courtney, wife to Tom & Mom to Margaret (Maggie) & Alexandra (Alex). I was born & raised in NJ. I moved around for 10 years, but as of last August, I’m back to raise my kids here. I went to college at Villanova in PA & shortly after graduation moved to the great city of Chicago. This is where I met Tom, a Jersey native himself. After a few more years in Chicago we bought our first house together in North Carolina. That’s where our little southern belle, Maggie was born. On Maggie’s 1st birthday, Tom accepted a new job in NYC, so we moved home to NJ right before Alex was born.

Maggie, my oldest, has been strong willed since birth. She is headstrong & knows what she wants. She also makes us laugh ALL day. Just lately, her sensitive side is showing through when it comes to “helping” her little sister.Alex, has been the quiet, snuggly one since birth. Her nickname is “Squeaks” because from day one she made tiny squeaking noises & I don’t really remember her crying much at all. She pretty much smiles all day. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her big sister.

Before becoming a Mom, I worked in sales. I have also worked in fundraising & special events for a non-profit. I am a woman of a million ideas: constantly coming up with new business ideas, inventions & careers. I’m happy I met Julie, who helped me finally put one down on paper.  Being a Mom is a wonderful adventure. Getting the chance to write about it & share some of the fun by blogging is turning out to be a great experience!

Last but not least, traveling is one of my favorite things (even with kids!). Some of my favorite posts to write, are our "Where to Wednesdays". You can read more about our traveling adventures over at Have Family Will Travel. 

A few of Courtney's favorite posts: Not Quite What I Expected // Watching My Daughters Grow Into Sisters // A Book Lover's Birthday Party // The Best Present I Could Ever Give My Children (featured on The Huffington Post) 

About Julie:

I'm Julie, the wife to Chris and mama to two sweet adorable boys and our sweet baby girl!  I met my husband, Chris, before I even could drive---and yes, we are high school sweethearts!  We got married in July 2006 and have moved all up and down the East Coast---although we are both originally from the good ole state of Iowa.  After living in Washington, DC and the waterfront of Jersey City, NJ and the coastal town of Fairfield, CT and central suburban NJ (where I met Courtney!)...we are taking our next adventure in life living right outside Washington, DC for the next couple years while my husband has been appointed to an amazing fellowship opportunity with the government.  One day we will finally settle, possibly, but until then I just take our life adventures one day at a time.

Aiden, my oldest son, was born in December 2008!  He is my very imaginative, creative, and highly active little sweet boy.  And less than two years later, we welcomed Andrew, my second sweet boy, in November 2010.  He loves everything trucks, trains, cars, and transportation related!  He is my feisty second child who just adores his older brother.  We welcomed our daughter in March 2013 and she has been such a wonderful blessing to our family.  Thankfully she got the memo that third children need to be "easy" as she is a happy, loving baby!  On top of our ever-growing family, we have two dogs:  Sheffield, our bichon frise, and Cobi, our shih-poo!  

Before I had children, I was an elementary teacher where I was blessed to work with so many wonderful children.  Right now, I am a stay at home to my three kids.  I LOVE it---although it is no easy job!  No day is ever the same and I can't ever predict what our day may consist of:  park visits, lots of book reading, walks around the block, play dates with friends, library trips, and SO much more.  With three little kids at home most of the day, I spend most of the day managing daily household tasks, playing more Legos and dolls, and reading Clifford and Curious George.  Some days, I am lucky enough to sneak in a quick shower or check my email!    

I LOVE being home with my kids, but most of my friends would describe me as a person who is most content when I am doing things.  I love to run and exercise, as long as I have enough energy.  I love to read, especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  I love to do crafts---or at least attempt to!  I love to decorate and organize, even our rental house (my mom loves when I comes to visit as I am her personal organizer!).  I love some ridiculous television shows.  Favorites right now include Top Chef, Downton Abbey, Revenge, and The Bachelor.  I love to travel---most of our vacations involve visiting grandparents and extended family since we live far from everyone we know.  I love spending time with friends for girls' nights out and any other excuse to take a few minutes away of being "mama"!  

We are so glad that you are visiting our blog! 
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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I found your blog through the Frugal Living and More link up. I love the story behind creating TCM and you host some amazing giveaways.

    Congratulations on the success!


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  3. Hi just found your blog on the blog hop and am your newest follower. I'd love for you to stop by.

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  4. Just found you from the blog hop! CUTE blog! I love it that there's two of you!! Such a cool idea and more to talk about and collaborate! Can't wait to read all your posts!

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    Visiting from Naptime Review.

  7. Adorable, really enjoying your blog!


  8. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog via "Blog Hop:Grow Your Blog" and i think its adorable! My name is Leanne, and I am also a mom to two (crazy boys like you Julie!). Good luck as you welcome you newest arrival and I am sure you will come to love shopping in the girls section (I hope to be there one day!). I look forward to reading more from both of you!


  9. Blogging with a friend . . . so much fun! I'm glad I found you and your chicks via the comment challenge :)

  10. I'm here from Jenna's Journey and I'm so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to visit again.

  11. I love the mom blog posts and your amazing giveaways.

  12. so great to have a blog aimed at moms with all these giveaways....

  13. Great blog! Found it through a post on Pinterest and I'm hooked! Courtney, I went to college right down the road from you at Cabrini! Julie, if you will be living in VA there is a great link up & meet up for Virginia Bloggers. The link is on my blog. Good luck with your move! At least the traffic won't scare you since you are coming from NJ!


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